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the question can you do it?

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Q: What is the Sport that you throw a ball at a wall really fast then catch it again?
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What is a sport in A Wrinkle in Time?

tingleing, a sport were you throw a mouse and them catch it with a bag you try to catch as many mice as possible. I've played it. NOT FUN!!

What sport do you use a wooden like curved thing to catch and throw a ball with?


How are soft balls used?

To play the sport of softball. You can throw, catch (in a glove), or hit them (with a bat).

Can you throw exception from catch block?

100% yes but it is not a suggested practice. The purpose of a catch block in java code is to handle exceptions. If you want to throw exceptions, then there is no point in writing the try-catch block. We could throw the exception at the point where it occurs instead of writing the try - catch block to catch it and throw it again.

How do you get the paper tantrum revenge in office jerk?

Throw the paper ball at him a few times and then eventually he will get red and throw it at him again and he will catch it and throw it back to you.

What is quickness used for in sport?

ummm that would be everything... you know.. you run, you kick,, you catch, you throw, your an idiot

How can i work coordination eyes hands body in sport?

Practice in a mirror or throw a ball really fast at a wall and try 2 catch it! Practice in a mirror too help you get better hand coordination. Or you may throw a ball at a wall and try to catch it so u can work on hand coordination

What is the sport played in south Florida on a court with a hard ball an curve stick to catch and throw the ball?

Jai Alai

Does it hurt the dog if you throw it in the air?

No it does not but if you do not catch it, it may get hurt it really depends on how high you throw it. I do not recommend throwing your dog in the air.

What is held ball in volleyball?

a held ball is like when a player sets they catch the ball then throw it again

Is discus throw an individual dual or team sport?

The disus throw is an individual sport.

How do you fish in Canada?

Fishermen use nets. When just fishing for fun, we throw the line in the water, and reel it in. then throw it in again, and so on, until we catch something.

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