How are soft balls used?

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To play the sport of softball. You can throw, catch (in a glove), or hit them (with a bat).

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Q: How are soft balls used?
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What are facts about soft balls?

they are not soft. trust me.

How is a soft ball made and what is it made of?

soft balls are made when you get kicked in the balls hard and made with sperm

What is the soft part of a skeleton?

the balls

Are soft lacrosse balls and normal lacrosse balls the same?

no normal lax balls are much harder

How many balls are there in soft ball?

as many as i want

Are volleyballs more soft than soccer balls?


Why does it hurt boys so bad to get kicked in the balls?

Because your balls are soft and your dick is big.

Where to get soft foam balls?

u can get them fro the shot that sails then

Does Justin Bieber like soft balls?

no he hates softball

Balls Are Squishy right?

Most balls are squishy, yes. Cricket balls are quite hard, so the batters wear protectors to keep hard balls from hitting soft balls.

Why do cold golf balls not travel as far?

i dunno. i tryed it will my own balls it worked surprisingly :) but dont use warm balls as they are very soft and sweaty :/

What chemical is used in moth balls?

Napthalene is used in moth balls.

What is very soft her hair is as soft as?

what i imagine clouds to be what i imagine dreams to be the clouds cotton candy and my personal favorite.... cotton balls!

Tennis balls used at Wimbledon?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

What are squash balls?

They are balls that are used to play squash.

Why are soft face hammers used?

what is a Soft Faces Hammer used for

Do More Expensive Golf Balls Roll Longer?

== == Not EXACTLY, There is soft balls and hard balls. The hard ones go further, doesn't matter which brand. Soft balls are for more feel and more backspin. If you buy expensive SOFT balls then you will have more feeling in putting and more backspin for chipping, irons, etc. For Hard balls, the more expensive go further than the not expensive ones USUALLY, it depends what brand. If you don't know the difference between hard or soft then ask one of the guys in the golf store. If you want to go far and have an average value ball then I would recommend Nike Ignite (I use this ball and it's really good.) But if you want the expensive ones get Titleist ProV1X, make sure it has the X. And if you want soft balls then get the titleist Pro V1, no X in it.

Are cheese balls considered to be chips?

No. In the US, chips are called French fries and made of potatoes. While cheese balls are made of soft, unripened cheese that is fried.

Were can you sell golf balls used?

On ebay as "Swamp Balls"

Where can you buy bowling balls in Winnipeg?

used bowling balls

What are berkelium balls used for?

Berkelium balls don't exist.

Why are softball yellows?

soft balls are yellow so they are easily seen by the players. yellow stands out

What are guys balls used for?

Footballs are used in playing football. Baseballs are used in playing baseball. Soccer balls are used in playing soccor. Tennis balls are used for playing tennis. Golf balls are used in playing golf. Ping pong balls are used to play beer pong. Women often use each kind of ball also.

How many balls used in the Australian Open?

thirty - two balls are used in the Aus Open.

Can you use 6 mm paint balls in electric air soft guns?

No, It says to use them only in low powered spring guns. They will probably explode if used in an AEG.