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It is called a interception and is the other teams ball

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Q: What is it called when a defence catches the ball on a pass?
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Related questions

When the quarterback throws the football and his receiver catches the ball this is called?

A pass completion.

When the receiver catches the ball the pass is call what?

For the passer, it's called a completion. For the receiver, it's called a reception.

When the receiver catches the ball the pass is a?

Reception or a catch.

Was this always true When a receiver catches a ball with one knee down is it a complete pass?

Yes it is a complete pass

In football if the ball goes out of bounds and a player is inbounds and catches the ball when it is out but he isn't is it a complete pass?

The ball is not "out of bounds" unless the ball or the player who possesses it touches the ground in an out of bounds area. So in the case where the ball is in flight over the sideline, and a player who is inbounds catches it and demonstrates control before stepping out, the pass is complete.

What is it called when a defensive player catches a pass?

It's called an interception.

What is a pass that is not caught called?

An incomplete pass. Unless a member of the defense catches it, then it's an interception.

Are stats upheld if a receiver catches a ball then fumbles?

If the pass is ruled a catch then a fumble..the receiver receives the yards from the pass...and is credited with a fumble

Is a lateral considered a fumble if the defense recovers the ball?

A lateral pass that hits the ground is a fumble, and if the defense recovers, it is a turnover. If the receiver drops the ball after he catches a lateral pass, it is considered an incompletion.

When a defense player catches a pass?

When a defensive player catches a pass

What is it called when a defensive player catches an offensive pass in football?


When the Defense Intercept A Pass made by an offensives player is called what?

In American football, when a defender catches a forward pass from the offense, it is called an interception.

Out of bounds pass in football?

In American Football, if a player has one foot out of bounds when he catches the football, he is out of bounds. If he has is in bounds when he catches the football then he caught it and it is a completed catch. If the player goes out of bounds and comes back in bounds and catches the football it is still an incomplete pass. However, if he was knocked out of bounds or if the ball was tipped, it may be a completed pass. The rules keep changing at all levels of the game.

What is it called when a defensive player catches a forward pass in footba ll?


What is it called in volleyball when you pass the ball back and forth with a opponent?

when you and your opponent pass the ball back and forth it is called a rally.

Is it a traveling violation if a player with the ball starts to pass then loses control of it then catches it while keeping his pivot foot in place?

If you stopped dribbling the ball & trying to pass it & losses control of it (ball dropped from your hand & you picked it up again) its a double dribble violation even if your pivot foot didn't move. But if a ball is coming from a pass & accidentally drop the ball & u pass it then its not a violation!

What is the job of wing attack in netball?

To stop the ball going off to the sides and to pass to your team, you have to mark wing defence.

If a receiver's knee is down and he then catches the ball is it incomplete in college football?

No, it is considered a completed pass. A receiver may go to the ground to catch the ball, as long as it doesn't hit the ground.

When you throw the ball from one player to another in basketball what is it called?

It's called a PASS It's called a PASS

What is an ally oop?

A basketball play in which a leaping player catches a pass above the basket and immediately dunks the ball. It is also a comic strip.

What are the ways to force a turnover in the NFL?

You can force a turnover three ways in the NFL. If a defender catches a pass it is called an interception. If a defender knocks the ball out of a ball carriers hands and then recovers it is called a fumble and a fumble recovery. If a defense stops a team from converting on fourth down it is called a turn over on downs.

What does the Goal Defense do in netball?

In netball, GD (goal defence) defends the goal attack and trys to stop them getting the ball down the court. If the goal attack gets the ball into the circle and under the ring then the goal defence must defend him/her and attempt to catch the rebound if the shot misses. The goal defence must then help to pass the ball back down the court to their attacking team members.

What is it called when a player drops the ball?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

When can a receiver go down field to block after a running back catches a swing pass behind the line of scrimmage?

as soon as the ball is snapped as long as the ball does not travel past the line of scrimmage in the air

What is the GD job in netball?

GD stands for Goal Defence, So that means that you are defending the ball from going in the net. GD always marks GA who is a shooter, this means that Goal Defence will have to try her best to intercept the pass to GA. It is very important that GD intercepts this pass as if she doesn't then GA has the chance to shoot. Although you have to intercept the pass and throw to WD (wing defence) they can then carry on the pass up to your teams shooting third.

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