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Reception or a catch.

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Q: When the receiver catches the ball the pass is a?
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When the quarterback throws the football and his receiver catches the ball this is called?

A pass completion.

When the receiver catches the ball the pass is call what?

For the passer, it's called a completion. For the receiver, it's called a reception.

Are stats upheld if a receiver catches a ball then fumbles?

If the pass is ruled a catch then a fumble..the receiver receives the yards from the pass...and is credited with a fumble

Was this always true When a receiver catches a ball with one knee down is it a complete pass?

Yes it is a complete pass

What does a receiver do?

Catches the ball thrown from the quarterback.

If a receiver's knee is down and he then catches the ball is it incomplete in college football?

No, it is considered a completed pass. A receiver may go to the ground to catch the ball, as long as it doesn't hit the ground.

Is a lateral considered a fumble if the defense recovers the ball?

A lateral pass that hits the ground is a fumble, and if the defense recovers, it is a turnover. If the receiver drops the ball after he catches a lateral pass, it is considered an incompletion.

Can a receiver who catches a pass in the middle of the field stop the clock by throwing the ball out of bounds?

No. He would be assessed a 'delay of game' foul and the appropriate penalty given.

When can a receiver go down field to block after a running back catches a swing pass behind the line of scrimmage?

as soon as the ball is snapped as long as the ball does not travel past the line of scrimmage in the air

What is it called when a defence catches the ball on a pass?

It is called a interception and is the other teams ball

What is an incomplete pass in football?

When the quarterback throws the ball to the receiver and the receiver doesn't catch it.

In football can a receiver pass the ball after catching it?

no the receiver can not pass the ball after catching it. hence the name "receiver" he only receives passes and does not throw them Actually the answer above is wrong, if say the quarterback throws the ball backwards or laterally then the receiver can then throw the ball. There is no rule on WHO throws the ball, only that there is one forward pass per play and it must come from behind the line of scrimmage.

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