What is different about Titleist balls than other balls?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The difference between Titleist Golf balls and other branded golf balls is simply the amount of dimples the ball has, the Titleist design helps the ball travel through rough and windy weather.

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Q: What is different about Titleist balls than other balls?
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Is there any difference between Titleist golf balls with red markings from those with black markings?

The ones with red numbers are 90 compression, while the ones with black are 100 compression. In other words the black ones are harder than the red ones. 3/17/2010 Conversation with Titleist Ball Plant number 1. There is no difference between the Pro V's red numbered and black numbered balls.

Why are some soccer balls harder than others?

balls such as soccer ones are harder because they are made of different materials such as ruber balls or many other materials

Is titleist golf clubs better than cobra golf clubs?

Titleist clubs are a mile better than Cobra. You would class Titleist as premium clubs and Cobra just on the level below them. Saying that, Cobra clubs are still amazing golf clubs and have some lovely things on the market. If you are thinking of which golf clubs to get, you shouldn't really worry about brand names and get clubs you are comfortable with.

What are the most popular golf balls amongst pro golf players?

I have found that there are many brands of golf balls, but some are more desirable than others. The top 3 brands used by pro golf players are Titleist, Nike and Callaway.

What if there is a mass other than your balls inside your sack?

If there is a mass other then your balls you do need an operation.

Where are the dragon balls in raging blast?

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Do More Expensive Golf Balls Roll Longer?

== == Not EXACTLY, There is soft balls and hard balls. The hard ones go further, doesn't matter which brand. Soft balls are for more feel and more backspin. If you buy expensive SOFT balls then you will have more feeling in putting and more backspin for chipping, irons, etc. For Hard balls, the more expensive go further than the not expensive ones USUALLY, it depends what brand. If you don't know the difference between hard or soft then ask one of the guys in the golf store. If you want to go far and have an average value ball then I would recommend Nike Ignite (I use this ball and it's really good.) But if you want the expensive ones get Titleist ProV1X, make sure it has the X. And if you want soft balls then get the titleist Pro V1, no X in it.

How do you have a better chance of getting good Pokemon cards?

The only way,unless you have action replay, is to either use master balls, or to use different kinds of poke balls. example: net balls, nest balls, dusk balls, quick balls and timer balls, but there are more poke balls, that are way different than these.

Will titleist wedges be illegal?

The Titleist R and D department will have been very careful to stick to any guidelines regards wedges and all clubs for that matter, more than likely they will be legal.

Why do small rubber bouncy balls bounce higher than other balls?

because they are made to bounce

What is the best golf ball for spin?

The best golf balls for spin are essentially any of the premium golf balls on the market. These would include the Titleist pro v 1 and Taylormade TP etc. Some balls claim to be spin but some of the time they are not great for spin. If you have clean grooves and hit a clean compressed strike on the golf ball you will be get it to spin easily. Prov1 balls are good but Callaway Tour i and tour ix spin slightly more than prov1s the down side to this is the cover shreds very quickley

How many indentations are on a golf ball?

The indentations on golf balls are called dimples. Most golf balls have more than 300 dimples. The number, shape, size and depth of the dimples affect.the flight of the ball. The number of dimples is generally printed on the box