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The ones with red numbers are 90 compression, while the ones with black are 100 compression. In other words the black ones are harder than the red ones.

3/17/2010 Conversation with Titleist Ball Plant number 1. There is no difference between the Pro V's red numbered and black numbered balls.

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Q: Is there any difference between Titleist golf balls with red markings from those with black markings?
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What is different about Titleist balls than other balls?

The difference between Titleist golf balls and other branded golf balls is simply the amount of dimples the ball has, the Titleist design helps the ball travel through rough and windy weather.

What is the differences of the pro v1 markings on titleist golf balls?

They could be fake if they look different.

What is the difference between cue balls and billards balls?

There is no difference between the cue ball and billiard ball except that the cue ball is white and without significant markings.

What is a good brand of golf balls?

"There are several brands of golf balls. Some of the best are Nike, Titleist and Callaway. Titleist golf balls are the most well known golf balls."

Where are titleist golf balls manufactured?

In Massachusetts

Do the Titleist Pro V1 balls roll strait?

The Titleist Pro V1 both roll and fly straight.

Are there any special edition golf balls?

Yes you can get the Personalized Titleist Golf Balls.

What are the different types of golf balls sold by Titleist?

Titleist sells many different types of golf balls. These include the Pro series, the Tour series, the Velocity, and the Titleist DT SoLo. These golf balls feature different designs which cater to different playing styles.

What is the best kind of golf balls?

Titleist Pro V1

Does Titleist provide golf balls for players on the PGA tour?


The difference between slowpitch balls and fastpitch balls?


What is the difference between tennis balls for grass and tennis balls for clay?

I believe the difference in the two balls is the bounce.

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