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I have found that there are many brands of Golf balls, but some are more desirable than others. The top 3 brands used by pro golf players are Titleist, Nike and Callaway.

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Q: What are the most popular golf balls amongst pro golf players?
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Where does golf rank amongst most popular sports?

in Mexico golf is popular there...liar its soccer

Why do field hockey players use hard balls?

Why do cricket player's use hard balls? Why do snooker players use hard balls? Why do golf players use hard balls?

How may golf balls does the average golfer use in a year?

There is no specific amount because better players will lose less balls and players on harder courses would lose more. The generally accepted number for a years supply of golf balls is 12 dozen or 144 golf balls.

Does Titleist provide golf balls for players on the PGA tour?


Every golf ball has numbers on it. What do numbers in a golf ball denote?

The numbers are used to identify the golf balls while in play. That way players don't confuse the balls. At the beginning of the round, players should compare balls so that everyone knows what the others are playing with.

What is four balls in golf mean?

A fourball would be four players playing in a group, each playing their own golf ball.

What are some common and popular golf collectibles?

The most popular and common golf collectables are golf balls and golf clubs. Some people also like to collect golf pins and golf gloves which are also very common as well.

What are the best golf balls for driving?

The best golf balls for driving are distance balls, they fly a lot further, but there is a draw back for better players, they are not as good for feel or spin, that is why most players play something like a Pro V 1, they are quite long and great for feel and spin.

What is the most popular golf ball?

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are easily the most popular golf balls, used both by amateurs and professionals.

What is the most popular golf blog?

The most popular golf blog is found on the Golf official website. They offer various information on golfing tips, as well as the creation on various clubs and balls.

Can you have 5 players in a golf group?

No, you are only allowed a fourball, (which means either four players or four golf balls). The most you would ever see on a course would be three teams of foursomes or greensomes (6 people) playing 3 balls.

What is more deadly a baseball or golf balls?

golf balls

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