What is a lead runner?

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The lead runner is the runner at the base closest to home plate when there is more than one runner on base. If there are runners on second base and third base, the runner on third base is the lead runner. If there are runners on first and second, the runner on second is the lead runner. If there is only one runner on base, there is no lead runner.

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Q: What is a lead runner?
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Who plays the lead male character in the movie blade-runner?

Harrison Ford .

What do you call the first person in a race?

The lead runner .

Two runners occupying third base can a runner go back to second?

The second runner can, assuming he hasn't crossed in front of the lead runner. If he does that, they are both called out.

How do you steal on MLB 2k10?

Press z then the runner will lead off farther then press z again and the runner will take off

When do you pitch from the windup?

Generally, only when there are no runners on base. However, you could also pitch from the windup when there is a runner only on third base, or on 2nd and 3rd, or when the bases are loaded. Pitching from the windup can be a problem with a runner on third because this will allow the runner to get a longer lead off the base than the lead the runner will get when the pitcher pitches from the stretch.

What if Two player are on the same base at the same time?

In baseball? This is not allowed. The lead runner must attempt to advance to the next base; if it is tagged with the ball before the runner reaches it that runner is out.

The runner at 1st does not run and now the batter and runner are standing at 1st base. Does the 1st baseman have to tag the runners or by touching 1st base is the runner out that did not attempt torun?

To my understanding, either way. But the net result is that the lead runner is out.

What happens if two runners occupy the same base and are not tagged out?

"If the runner who first occupied that base never left it, he is safe and the second runner is out." That's incorrect. The lead runner is entitled to the base, so if he never leaves it, he is safe. The following runner must be tagged out. If he is able to return to the preceding base without being tagged out or going outside his baseline, he is safe. If the lead runner vacates the double-occupied base and reaches the next base, he is safe and the following runner is safe at the preceding base.

Who is out if 2 players occupy the same base and no one is tagged?

Actually they are both safe... for now, but play is still live. The lead runner is safe. The trailing runner has to go back to his previous base before being tagged out or running out of the baseline. Or, the lead runner has to advance to the next base before being tagged out, leaving the trailing runner safe at the double-occupied base.

What is scoring in baseball?

The lead runner coming home from a hit,error,walk, or a balk.

Does the runner have to wait for the ball to be hit before he can move?

No. He could take a lead. Also if he tries to take a lead he could get picked off.

Difference between book-runner and lead manager in bond transaction?

Same thing

What is the torrent password for the movie The Kite Runner?

Normally, this questions roots off the pirated file of The Kite Runner. The unfortunate part of this is, the torrent file is fake. It was just meant to lead you on.

Which of statements is true of the Indian runner?

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What if a runner rounds third then retreats only to find a runner from second is now on third and he retreats to second but is tagged out what happens to the runner on third?

Lead runner has the right to the bag as long as they are not being forced ahead by occupants of other bases. If the runner on 3rd was not being forced they can return to the bag and the runner from 2nd must return to 2nd. The runner returning to second if tagged is out and unless the runner returning to 3rd is tagged while off the base then they are safe. If both runner attempt to occupy the base at the same time and fielder tags both runners while they occupy the base the runner from 2nd is out unless they are being forced ahead then the runner from 3rd is out.

Does first baseman hold runner on with runners on first and 2nd?

The first baseman will in some cases. If the runner at first is a very important potential run with less than two outs, yes they will be held. Holding the runner on decreases the lead-off the runner has, so by holding the runner, the runner has longer to go to score. If there are two outs, the fielders will normally not hold the runner because if any out is recorded, the inning is over. In this case you want the fielder in the best position to get the out. In other cases, it is just the coach's philosophy.

What is force play in softball?

Well for example: If a runner is on first and second, and the batter hits the ball, the force play is at third base because the lead runner is forced to run to third due to the runners behind him/her.

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Can a runner advance while the pitcher is in the circle with the ball?

The batter must return to the base when the pitcher is in the circle with the ball. However, as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, the runner may take a lead off or try to steal.

Where should the third baseman stand with a runner at third stand to catch a pickoff throw from the catcher?

A few feet behind the runner when they lead off. The shortstop could loop around instead of the third baseman if you want it to be a surprise.

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