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It is called an ushiro geri.

See this video by Sensei Warren Levi to learn this kick.

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Q: What is a back kick called in Karate?
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What karate move was in Alex Rider Snakehead?

it was the back kick :)

What Are the types of kicks in karate?

There are many types in karate but the most common are Front kick, Round house kick, Back kick, and Side kick.Many schools also use the crescent kick and the hook kick.

Fastest karate kick?

fastest kick in karate is the roundhouse kick. it can be repeated, so you can deliver several kicks in one second.

How did Jesus defend himself or challenge his enemies?

by learing karate so you can kick the back lol

What are the kicks called in karate?

While there is some difference in the style, it really depends upon the country the martial art is from. If you mean Okinawa Karate: * Front Kick - Mai Geri * Roundhouse Kick - Mai Washi Geri * Side Kick - Yoko Geri * Back or Mule Kick - Ushiro Geri * Stomp Kick - Fumakomi Some schools don't even teach all the kicks.

What part of foot hits the target while using back kick in karate?

The part of the foot to hit with while performing a back kick, is the heel. It provides more power for the technique.

Is karate is kick boxing?

They are not the same. Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa. Kick boxing is a martial art that originated in Thailand.

What is it called when you jump and kick a soccer ball with your back heel?

A Scorpion kick.

What is the most severe kick a karate black belt can do?

Depends on the individual. I would say that my round house kick is my best and strongest. For others it is the side kick or even a simple front kick. The back kick tends to be the strongest, but it is also the slowest.

What does karate stand for?

kick at rats and tall eggs

Where do you use slap kick in karate?

You use it in Sparring.

Most common strikes in karate?

Front kick

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