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You use it in Sparring.

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Q: Where do you use slap kick in karate?
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Fastest karate kick?

fastest kick in karate is the roundhouse kick. it can be repeated, so you can deliver several kicks in one second.

Slap the out of somebody?

kick them in the shin and when they lean over slap them in the face

What day is after slap day?

Kick Day

How do you make a front or side kick higher?

i take karate and you are supose to use your hips to go higher

Does the surface you use effect the height of a karate kick?

The footing can have an effect on the height. A solid base is critical to any kick. The flexibility of the kicker is going to have a larger affect.

What moves does machoke learn?

Low kick. Leer. Focus energy. Karate chop. Foresight. Seismic toss. Revenge. Vital throw. Submission. Wake-up slap. Cross chop. Scary face. Dynamic punch

What do you do if he likes you but you don't like him and he kisses you?

slap him kick him punch him

How do you kick on meez?

you have to buy the move off the karate man

What karate move was in Alex Rider Snakehead?

it was the back kick :)

Can women in Iraq kick but?

yes women in Iraq can kick but if they take the ancient art class of karate

What moves should you use to beat Whitney in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

In order to beat Whitney in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, you should use Fighting-type moves like Arm Thrust, Aura Sphere, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Close Combat, Cross Chop, Double Kick, Drain Punch, Dynamicpunch, Focus Blast, Force Palm, Hammer Arm, Hi Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Karate Chop, Low Kick, Mach Punch, Rolling Kick, Seismic Toss, Sky Uppercut, Submission, Superpower, Triple Kick, Vacuum Wave, Vital Throw and Wake-up Slap.

What is a back kick called in Karate?

It is called an ushiro geri.See this video by Sensei Warren Levi to learn this kick.