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A Scorpion kick.

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Q: What is it called when you jump and kick a soccer ball with your back heel?
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What is heeled in soccer?

It probably means a back heel, where the ball is behind you and you use your heel to hit the ball

How do you shoot a soccer ball with your heel?

You turn your back to the ball, and kick your foot backwards so that the heel of your foot strikes the ball. Note that this is not a legal way to kick a Penalty Kick.

What are three ways to kick a soccer ball?

heel it, blast it or boot it

What is a good soccer move to use with your back turned?

A back heel

What are the key factors in shooting technique for football - soccer?

Heel down toe up and strike the ball on the side of the ball

What is the back of your foot called?

Your heel!

What is the backs of the foot called?

The back of your foot is called your heel.

Are there any formulas for curving a soccer ball?

The formula consist of 4 things. Spinning and hitting the ball at the same combined with location you make contact with the ball. Usually in the lower left section if youre a righty and the faint click of the heel.

The heel of your foot is analogous to what part of the horse?

The horses heel. The heel is the back of the hoof.

What is the bottom of the foot called?

It's called the sole of the foot. (Other areas on the sole of the foot are specifically called the ball of the foot, the arch of the foot, toes and heel)

What is the name of the back of the feet?

The common name for the back of the feet is the heel. The bone that makes the heel is the calcaneus.

What is the back of the foot called?

first its the toes then the ball(the round part next to the biggest toe) next is the arch(the middle part of the foot that is maybe the part that is very ticklish) and the heel(the back of the foot. that when you walk is the last part to hit the floor or ground)

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