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Q: What iron manufacturer do most golfers hit?
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The stick that golfers hit with is called?

A club, driver, iron, rescue, wood, putter.

How far does a 8 iron hit?

As with any club, it completely depends on the player. There are some old lady golfers who would use an 8 iron for a 75 yard shot, and there are some pro golfers that would use an 8 iron for a 175 yard shot.

What do you do if your golf ball lies in front of another players ball?

If they are that close most rules officials will allow one of the golfers to mark his ball to let one of the two golfers hit his/her ball then allow the person who marked their ball to hit.

Can you hit a golf ball a hundred yards?

If I absolutely lash it. Most amateur golfers would hit a sandwedge 100 yards, and a driver about 220-250 yards.

How many golf balls do pro golfers hit a day?


Do junior golfers hit from red tees?

no, not unless your a junior girl

How fast do you need to swing to hit a uniflex shaft?

Golfers with iron swings between 80-90 miles per hour are well suited to play a regular flex shaft

How many balls do golfers hit a day?

on an average i think about 50 or 60 depending on who you are

Why is it easier to hit a nine iron vs a four iron?

i asked the same question to my coach she said its because the four iron is longer there fore it need more speed to get a good loft i sugest moveing your left hip earlier to generate good speed through the swing. Answer by FutureLPGAgolfer A nine iron is easier to hit because it's a lot shorter and the club face has more loft to it. In comparison to a four iron, it is too long and it's hard to get it to the ball in time without topping it or fatting it for some golfers.

Why do golfers call out fore when they've hit an off target shot?

It is a widely accepted term used frequently in golf, other golfers know that when they hear fore the should be wary that a ball may be coming their way, and they'll duck because getting hit with a golf ball will hurt.

What is the furthest a batted ball can be hit in yards?

About 150 yards. Remember you can hit a golf ball out of most major league parks with an 8 iron.

What happens when you hit iron?

If you hit it hard you break a bone

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