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It is a widely accepted term used frequently in Golf, other golfers know that when they hear fore the should be wary that a ball may be coming their way, and they'll duck because getting hit with a golf ball will hurt.

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Q: Why do golfers call out fore when they've hit an off target shot?
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What is golfers warning cry?

FORE - Meaning lookout ahead

Why do golfers yell fore?

It's another way of saying "watch out" According to the site Fore" is another word for "ahead" (think of a ship's fore and aft). Yelling "fore" is simply a shorter way to yell "watch out ahead" (or "watch out before"). It allows golfers to be forewarned, in other words.

What is the word that is yelled out as a safety measure to warn golfers that a golf ball is coming towards them?


Why do a golfer have to say fore and not five?

It is "Fore", not "four", hence not "five" either. The "Fore" comes from the old use of "Fore-caddies" who were down the fairway looking for the golfers ball coming down the fairway from the tee. The golfer would yell "Fore" telling the "Fore-caddie" that the ball was on the way. Now, of course, "Fore" means "Watch out! Ball is coming your way."

How do you put fore in a sentence?

The word "fore" can be a noun, adjective, or adverb. All have a common definition meaning front or beginning. It is a rarely used word. The word "for" is a very common word and is a preposition. It is generally used as a function to indicate purpose.

Where did the golf term 'fore' come from?

As today players many years ago had caddies, and each caddy had a "forecaddy", the forecaddy would assist the caddy. The forecaddy would stand out in the fairway and wait for the balls to be hit from the tee, so they could be found. As soon as the player hit the ball, the caddy would shout "fore", a shortening of the word forecaddy, to let him know the ball was coming.

What do you call a caddy checking to see where the balls have landed and marking them?

a fore caddy

What do you do if you hear a Danger call in Golf?

The danger call is "Fore" ... best thing is to duck or crouch down as far as possible.

What can you use a phone fore?

To call people incase of an inmergancy, or to use to communicate with your friends

What is primary sales?

stock which fore price company to distributor is call primary sales

What is the opposite of fore?

Regarding Boat and ships: Aft Regarding golf: Oops, call 911

Why do golfers say four when they hit a shot near other people?

They're not shouting the number four. They're shouting "Fore!" which I believe is just another way to say "Head's up!". Since I don't golf, I don't know for sure.