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About 150 yards. Remember you can hit a Golf ball out of most major league parks with an 8 iron.

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Q: What is the furthest a batted ball can be hit in yards?
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What's the furthest a batted ball can be hit?

475 ft if there is no wind

What is the world record for hitting a golf ball?

normally you hit farther when you tee, and not with an iron. so the furthest tee i think is like about 300 yards.

Is a base runner out when hit by a thrown ball?

No, but he would be out if he were hit with a batted ball.

Is the Runner out if he is hit by a batted ball after it passes infielder?

The runner is out if he is hit by a batted ball if it does not touch the infielder. If it touches the infielder, he is not out.

What golf ball can you drive further?

A RocketBallz golf ball is the ball that you can hit furthest. It is said to add at least 5-8 yards to your swing. i got a sleeve of these for free, so i decided to test them out. i went to the driving range, hit three RocketBallz and three Pro V1's. I out-drove my Pro V1's by 13 yards. if you want a long drive, you should get some RocketBallz.

If a batter is hit by the batted ball is it a foul ball?


Is a runner out if a fielder throws the ball and hits the runner?

No. A runner is out if hit by a batted ball but not out if hit by a thrown ball.

Is it how hard you hit a golf ball to make it go the furthest?

No, its mostly Technique but power helps!

What is the official score when a base runner is hit by a batted ball?

If a base runner is hit by a batted ball before the ball contacts, or passed an infielder they are out... once the ball passes, or is contacted by an opposing player there is no penalty for being hit.

Can you hit a golf ball a hundred yards?

If I absolutely lash it. Most amateur golfers would hit a sandwedge 100 yards, and a driver about 220-250 yards.

Is the ball still alive when an advancing runner is hit with a batted ball?

No it is a dead ball

Does a batted ball that hits a baserunner get credit with a hit?

the baserunner will be out and it will be counted as a hit

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