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As soon as a team hits the volleyball the fourth time, a point is awarded to the other team.

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If a team hits the ball more than three times, the referee blows the whistle and holds up a hand with four fingers showing. The possession of the ball is then given to the other team.

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Q: What if the players in volleyball hits the ball more than 3 times?
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What is coaching drill in volleyball?

One coaching drill in volleyball isGet one ball and line your players in a lineSpike the ball at each of them so it hits their armsThis drill helps the girls to be able to stop the ball after a fast serve and learn how to go for the ball when its coming a little faster

In tennis if the ball hits the line is it in or out?

If a volleyball hits the line in volleyball, the ball is considered to be in (any part of the ball).

How many hits are you allowed maximum in volleyball before your team loses the ball?

Your team can hit the volleyball three times before it goes over the net.

What happens when the ball is served in volleyball and hits the net but makes it over?

The ball is still technically in. According to the rules of volleyball, if it hits the net and goes over, it is still in.

What is fake hit in volleyball?

A fake hit in volleyball is when a setter sets the ball to, lets say, the outside hitter, well all players act like they're going to hit it but only the outside hitter hits it.

On volleyball how many hits per person?

When the ball comes over your side, your team only has 3 hits to get it over. In those 3 hits, a person cannot hit the ball 2 times in a row. A player can bump the ball to the setter, then the setter sets the ball, and he/she can hit it again.

The line on the side of the volleyball court?

it is the out of bounce line, if the top of the ball hits the line, the ball is in

Does a volleyball team have to use all of its hits to get the ball over the net?


What happens when the ball is served above the height of the antenna in volleyball?

Nothing, the ball is still in, unless the ball hits the antenna. If the ball hits the antenna at any point. The ball is called out.

What does a volleyball do?

Volleyball is a ball that takes ver hard hits. This is a tough question. They do bounce and take very hard hittings.

What is the setting in volleyball?

Setting in volleyball is when a player hits the ball over the net in a forward pass motion. The ball is hit off the finger tips and not spiked with the fist.

When does your team score?

when the other team misses the serve, when the other team hits the ball more then 3 times, when the other team hits it out of bounce, when you serve the ball and its in and the other team doesnt touch it, there a lot of ways to get the point in volleyball