When does your team score?

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when the other team misses the serve, when the other team hits the ball more then 3 times, when the other team hits it out of bounce, when you serve the ball and its in and the other team doesnt touch it, there a lot of ways to get the point in volleyball

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Q: When does your team score?
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How do you call the score in volleyball?

You announce the serving team's score first, and then the receiving team's score. This happens right before a team serves.

What is the minimum score by a team in cricket?

Minimum score by a team is 21 runs.......

What is the lowest score by a team in an NBA game?

lowest score by an nba team in a game

Does the serving team in volleyball say their score first or other team?

The serving team announces their score first.

What is the highest score by a team in cricket world cup 2011?

Highest score by a team was 370.It was scored by team India.

Can only the serving team score?

In rally scoring the other team can score when the volley is lost.

ON a basketball team who leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score?

ON a basketball team the coach leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score

Highest score in MLB game?

100 is the highest a team can score before the other team will forfeit.

Is gymnastics an individual or team sport?

Technically it is a team sport but each gymnast competes individually to earn a score. Then all the gymnasts scores from the same team are combined to get a team score. So each gymnast gets her own score and competes for her own awards but every gymnast for the team combines their score with their other teammates and they get a total score.

How do you score cross country races?

In a varsity race, the first five runners on a team score. Each runner that crosses the finish line scores their place for their team. The five runners' places are totaled and that is the score for that team (so if a team's runners placed 1, 8, 10, 15 and 18, their score ould be 52). The team with the lowest score wins.

In the dart game cricket if team A has a high score but not closed out and team B closes everything but has low score what happens Who wins or do you have a standoff if hours have gone by?

team a will win because it has the highest score

When is the team in offense in volleyball?

when they score

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