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Q: What happens when the ball does not touch the rim is the 3 second in the key is sill in effect?
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What is the Sex life of a ping pong ball?

the sex life of a ping pong ball is roughly 1 quarter of a second and that happens very very rarely and ushually when playing a game of double's and the to balls touch

What happens if a ball is passed after the player is touched in touch football?

loss of possession (ball handed over to other team)

If a runner is hit with the ball by a miss throw by to the second base man is the runner out?

No. To force an out, the defensive player has to touch the runner with the ball or touch the runner with the glove while the ball is in the glove. A thrown ball touching a runner does not count.

What happens if you accidentally touch the golf-ball and it falls off the tee?

Craigh rapes you.

What happens if you touch the ball but you are goalie?

A goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball with their hands when the ball is inside their own penalty area. If a goal keeper does so outside of the area, then a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

What positions touch the ball in softball on a 4-6-3 Double Play?

Second, Short and First

What is a digin volleyball?

A dig is playing a ball from the oposing teams spike in a way that it is playable for a second touch.

What happens when you knock 8 pins down on the first ball and only knock down 1 pin with the second ball?

you get a 9

It requires a fielder in possession of the ball touch the ball to the base?

You can touch the base with the ball if you want to. Any part of the fielder's body can touch a base as long as he has possession of the ball.

How many yards does the ball have to travel on an onside kick before the receiving team can recover it?

The ball must travel at least ten yards and it must touch the ground . The order of these occurances does not matter. These restrictions are not in effect if the receivers touch the ball first. If the ball is touched by the receivers first either team may recover the ball but only the receivers may advance the kick.

What are 2 rules directly relating to the kick off?

The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves. The ball must move forward on the first touch; forward is defined as "more toward the opponent's goal line than your own goal line." As with all kicking restarts, another player must touch the ball before the kicker may touch it a second time.

Is it legal to play a net ball in volley ball?

As long as you don't touch the net, and the ball doesn't touch the ground, yes.