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The ball must travel at least ten yards and it must touch the ground . The order of these occurances does not matter. These restrictions are not in effect if the receivers touch the ball first. If the ball is touched by the receivers first either team may recover the ball but only the receivers may advance the kick.

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Q: How many yards does the ball have to travel on an onside kick before the receiving team can recover it?
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Does an onside kick have to travel 10 yards before the receiving team can catch it?

No, the receiving team may attempt to take possession at any time after the kick. It is the kicking team that must wait for the ball to travel 10 yards before they can be the first to touch it. However, should a member of the receiving team touch the ball before it travels 10 yards and fumble/muff it, the kicking team can recover the ball and take possession without penalty.

Does an onside kick have to go beyond ten yards?

If the kicking team wants to recover their own onside kick and be awarded possession, then yes, the ball must travel ten yards before it is touched by a player from the kicking team, UNLESS the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team. The receiving team can touch and/or recover the ball at any time. The ball ALSO has to touch the ground in addition to going 10 yards. Both those conditions must be met for the kicking team to recover the kick and maintain possession. The other way to do it is for the receiving team to touch the ball first.

What are the rules for an onside kick?

The main rule is that the ball has to travel 10 yards downfield before it can be recovered by the kicking team prior to the opponents touching it. A kickoff is a free kick. Whoever recovers a kickoff gains possession of the ball. The ball must travel 10 yards downfield before the kicking team can touch it unless the receiving team touches it first within 10 yards. If the kickoff doesn't travel 10 yards downfield the receiving team is not obligated to attempt a return. The kick must hit the ground, in addition to travel 10 yards to give the kicking team possession of the ball if they can recover the kick. That is why onside kicks are kicked straight into the ground.

Is it considered a turnover when an onside kick does not travel 10 yards but is touched by the receiving team and the kicking team recovers the ball?


What are the rules for onside kick?

The rules for an onside kick (or any kickoff, for that matter) state that the ball must travel forward 10 yards before the kicking team may touch the ball, unless the receiving team touches it first. The receiving team may touch the ball at any time. If the kicking team recovers, they may not advance the ball. The NFL has recently implemented additional rules which make recovery of the onside kick nearly impossible: No more than five players on the kicking team may line up on one side of the ball, and the receiving team may line up just 5 yards from the ball.

In the NFL does the ball have to move 10 feet or more in a onside kick?

The ball must travel 10 yards ( 30 ft. ) on an onside kick.

How far must a football travel on a kickoff before it can be touched?

the football must travel ten yards for the offense to touch it. However, if the ball hits a defender, it is a live ball(the offense can recover it.)

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On a kickoff must the receiving team wait for the ball to go 10 yds before they advance foreward over their scrimmage line?

The receiving team has to line up at least 10 yards away from the kickoff spot, but as soon as the ball is kicked, they can move in to receive the ball. Remember, the rule requiring the ball to travel 10 yards applies only to the kicking team. The receiving team can touch and recover the ball after it has traveled any distance, even if it only goes a yard from the tee.

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