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Out of bounds in Basketball is passed the line at the end of the court. If a person with the ball stands out of bounds the other team gets the ball. Someone on Team A is on offence (they have the ball) and someone on Team A knocks the ball out of bounds, Team B gets the ball. But if Team A was on offence and Team B knocks the ball out of bounds, Team A keeps the ball.

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Q: What does out of bounds mean in basketball?
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What is a ball out of bounds in Basketball?

It means that the ball out of bounds/ out of play/ not on the court.

Why is there an out of bounds for basketball?

because that is the rule...

Can a basketball player intentionally go out of bounds and then come back in bounds on offense?


Is the top of the basketball back board out of bounds?

yes the reff calls it out of bounds.

What is the base line in basketball?

The base line in basketball is the out of bounds line!

Is it illegal to go out of bounds without the basketball?


Can two players run out of bounds in basketball?

All players can be out of bounds if they wish, but it will not get them anywhere.

When you step on the line in basketball are you out of bounds?

When you step on the line, you are out of bounds. You cannot step on the boundary line at all and still be in bounds.

When is the ball out of bounds in a game of basketball?

When the ball makes contact with anything that is out of bounds (this includes touching the out of bounds line) it is considered 'out of bounds'. If the ball goes out of bounds in the air and is pulled back, it is not considered out of bounds.

Where do you throw in the basketball when the ball goes out of bounds on the side line?

At the point where the ball went out of bounds.

How many feet do you need to establish in bounds in basketball?

As with all sports, it is important to understand the boundaries on a basketball court. A player only needs one foot to establish in bounds in basketball.

Can you save the basketball from going out of bounds And be the first to touch it?


Can you dribble the basketball when you are taking the ball out of bounds on the side?


Are you allowed to dribble while inbounding the basketball from out of bounds?


Is throwing the basketball in the hoop from out of bounds a violation?


Is the line in or out in basketball?

The line is out in basketball. If a player has the ball and his toe touches the line, he is out of bounds.

Who get possession of the ball after a loose ball in basketball?

if the ball goes out of bounds then the team that threw it out of bounds doesnt get it

A basketball is going out of bounds do you need both feet touching the floor to be able to save it from going out of bounds?


In basketball can a player out of bounds travel?

. Not technically because they would already be out of bounds so it wouldn't matter.

If a basketball player goes out of bounds can he come in bounds and be the first player to touch the ball?

yes as long as he doesnt touch the ball when hes out of bounds

What is a baseline on a basketball court?

The Out-of-bounds area under the Hoops. :)

If a player is hit with a basketball while out of bounds is this considered a turnover?


How many seconds can you be out of bounds in basketball?

When in-bounding the ball, 5.

What is the 5 seconds regulation for basketball?

In basketball people have 5 seconds to take the ball out of bounds.

Can a player step out of bounds in basketball when not having the ball?

yes they can , anytime they want too, however with the ball it is called out of bounds