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Q: What does does it mean for a bat to have good pop.?
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What do they mean by losing pop on baseball bat?

when they say that they mean the bat has no more bounce or energy when in contack with the ball

What is the lightest type of wood baseball bat?

The lightest type of wooden bat i have used has been Ash, it is very durable, light and has a good pop to it.

What has more pop to it a mple bat or an ash bat?


What is the best type of baseball bat that is used for pony league?

Probably either a Stealth or any Tpx bat is good. They have a lot of pop to them which will carry the ball further.

What does a bat mean in the Chinese culture?

Good Luck and Happiness

Which is the better baseball bat the Triton or the cf4?

the cf4 is the better bat it has great pop

Which bat is better Triton bat vs exogrid bat?

I have an exo grid and a Triton the exo grid has more pop but the Triton has a bigger sweet spot so u wont pop out as much with the Triton

What does POP stand for in a baseball hitting stats?

There is no acronym for POP in baseball. It can follow pop-up, pop out and pop fly. Pop meaning it was hit off the bat.

What bat has more pop the 2013 Demarini CF5 or the 2013 Voodoo?

It is all down to preference. I have used both bats and see the Voodoo as a slight difference in weight (heavier) but I have also gotten more pop with it. The CF5 will give you much more bat speed. I prefer the Voodoo. It's a great bat with serious pop and increases over time. Good Luck, Hope it Helped! -Dan

What is a Yaz bat?

Pop out (4) Second Baseman

How can you tell what a good bat is?

Swing it in live batting practice. Just hitting of a tee will help, but you will never know for sure until you hit live pitching. But definitely try it out in practice, not in a game. Hitting live pitching will let you know if you can swing the bat and hit a fastball, but still hold up and hit a curveball or changeup. You want to be able to have good bat speed, but a bat too light will not provide much power.

Is the easton rampage a good bat?

2011: stealththe new composite easton speed*Answered in 2011*2013: The best bat in 2013 is the Easton S1 or XL1. Yes they're pricey but its worth the money. Trust me!*Answered in 2013*