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Q: What do you call ball that hits the ground and short hops into the fielders glove?
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If a fly ball pops out of the fielders glove and then recaught is the batter out?

As long as it never touches the ground or fence after it pops out of the glove it is an out. It can touch another player and still be an out also.

If a baseball touches a fielders glove then bounces off the wall can it be caught for an out?

No, once the ball touches the wall, ground, or runner (after 1st being touched by a defender) the ball cannot be caught for an out

Can a runner intentionally dislodge a ball from a fielders glove to avoid a tag?


Can a base runner knock the ball out of a fielders glove?

no! that would be interfering, and you will be out

During a force out at second base if the fielder does not transfer the ball to the covering defender but merely holds onto the ball in the other fielders glove is the runner out?

if the umpire thinks the fielder with the glove "has control of" the ball, then runner is out. i can't imagine this happening.

If the ball hits the glove when it should have been caught is it a home run?

If the baseball hits the fielders glove, then goes over the wall on a fly in fair territory, it is a home run.

Is runner out if he misses touching home plate and catcher drops ball and runner swats it away?

Yes, runner cannot intentionally dislodge ball from fielders glove.

If a batted ball hits a fielder's glove and knocks the glove to the ground but stays in the glove is the batter out if the fielder picks up glove before the ball touches the ground?

For there to be a legal catch, there must be a catch and voluntary release of the ball. Therefore, if the ball knocks the glove off the fielder's hand, he didn't meet either of the criteria for a catch: he didn't catch it, and he didn't release the ball voluntarily.

What is the difference between a first base mitt and fielders glove?

A first baseman's glove is larger and it has more padding that a fielder's glove. This is to get the most reach possible to catch wild throws. The padding is because the fielders are throwing the ball as hard as they can so that they can get the ball to first base before the batter reaches the base. Note: Gloves are used by for Fielders - Pitchers, Infielders, Outfielders because they have fingers like a glove. Mitts are used by Catchers and First Baseman positions because they don't have fingers, like mittens. The Coach - Information, Reviews and Rankings for over 50 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

How do you field a softball?

All 10 defensive players are allowed to wear and field the ball with a fielders 'glove'. Two defensive players are allowed to wear a 'mitt', but are not required to wear a mitt. They are the 1st Baseman, and the Catcher. Any defensive player using a mitt illegally will not be able to execute or contribute to an out. When fielding a batted ball, the fielder should place themselves directly in the path of the ball, shoulders should be perpendicular to the path of the ball. The fielders back should be straight, knees bent, center of balance low, (the area of the navel) the glove should be on the ground, palm up, back straight.

Where would you place the fielders on a rounders pitch?

In the game rounders, fielders must be outside of the bases in order to catch the ball after the pitch. They don't have to be in specific locations and can move around to the best location to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

What is the baseball tag up rule?

The runner must remain on the base until the ball is in the fielders glove. Once the fielder has the ball securely(in the glove and the glove closed), the runner can advance to the next base. The fielder can throw you out at the base.Actually the runner may leave the base once the ball is touched by a fielder.

How do you get out in softball?

1) You make fair contact with the ball, and either ground-out or fly-out. 2) You take your lead to early (before the ball is released from the pitchers hand) and the base umpire catches you. 3) You strike out. 4) You foul tip the ball into the catchers glove 5) You run on a hit ball and the play is made at the bag you are attempting to advance to on a fielders choice. 6) You are running the base path and the hit ball hit you before it is fielded by the defense.

How do you field a ground ball in softball?

Put your glove on the ground like a pal, keep your knees bent and your groin low, Stay in front of the ball and most importantly don't be scared of the ball.

What is the call a batter hita drive passed the third base bag the fielder dives but the ball carems off his glove and goes in to the stands is this a short home run?

ground rule double.

If a person is on first base and the ball is hit on the ground they have to run to the second base?

They don't have to run to second base, but the fielders can either tag them or throw them out by taking the ball to second base. If the fielders decide to first get the out at first it states in the rules of baseball that the lead runner can stay at first if that's what he chooses to do.

A play at the plate catcher drops the ball on the base runner not the ground and put it back in their glove is it a catch or a dropped ball?

its a catch

What does fielders choice mean?

The fielder who caught the ball had the option to either get the batter running to first or another runner. Example: With a runner of first the batter hits the ball to the short stop. The short stop choices to throw the ball to second to get the runner out but the batter reaches first base safely.

Why is a 1st baseman's glove like a catcher's glove?

First basemen must catch balls thrown from other fielders, which may be thrown very hard, high above the head or low into the dirt. Since he must have his foot on the bag to record an out, his glove must be able to trap the ball securely, because he has limited mobility with one foot on the first base bag. The finger area is one closed leather area which helps direct the ball into the center or pocket of the glove. The webbing is also bigger to catch any throws which are away from his body, so he must stretch to catch the ball and the webbing enables him to do this. A first baseman must master the use of this glove, as it is much more difficult to use in catching ground balls hit to him. The finger area which is solid can make the ball bounce off the glove. Like a catcher, the velocity and direction of a pitched or thrown ball can't be predicted, so the allowance is made at these positions for the over sized mitt, helping the fielder catch a thrown ball with extra padding.

Batter hits ground ball to 2nd basemen 2nd basemen throws to 1st basemen The first basemen catches the ball with bare hand and tags the Runner with Glove before he reaches 1st base What is the call?

he or she is safe the ball must be in the glove

If a batter hits a pop fly in the infield and fielders misses the ball is it scored as an error or hit?

This is up to the discretion of the official scorer. If the scorer feels that one of the infielders had a clear ability to catch the ball and failed to do so, it will be ruled an error. If the ball hits a fielder's glove, it will almost definitely be ruled an error.

Why is the first base mans glove different?

The main objective of the first baseman is to catch the ball. A larger glove or mitt, would be an advantage. Infielders need to catch the ball and quickly transfer the baseball from glove to hand, to make a throw. A smaller glove has an advantage. The infielder also needs to have a feel for the ball to help grab the ball or handle tough ground balls. The first baseman's glove or mitt has extra padding and leather to protect the hand from hard throws.

Is it a foul tip if the ball goes from the bat to the glove to the mask and back into the glove and never hits the ground?

Yes. As long as it doesn't hit the ground, it is still a caught foul tip. So if the count is two strikes, of course, that catch is an out.

A player catches a ball Consider the action force to be the impact of the ball against the player's glove the reaction to this force is the?

Friction of the ground against the player's shoes.

Do you need a glove to catch a clincher baseball?

It would help. The ball cannot touch the ground or go out of the field.