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ground rule double.

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Q: What is the call a batter hita drive passed the third base bag the fielder dives but the ball carems off his glove and goes in to the stands is this a short home run?
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If a fielder jumps over the wall and lands in the stands before catching a foul ball or a home run is the batter out?

No, if the fielder is out of the field of play (in the stands), then the batter is not out.

When a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands is it a foul ball or an out?

If a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands, it is a dead ball and all runners advance one base. Rule 704(c) The fielder made a legal catch. At that point the batter was out. The fielder then took the ball out of play. At that point the runners were allowed to advance one base.

A batter hits a line drive past first base fair and carems off his glove in to the stands is this a home run?

No, this would be ruled a double, any runners on base would get to advance 2 bases. For this scenario to be a Home Run it would have to go over the wall in the outfield between the foul poles

Is it a home run if ball is caught and the fielder falls into stands?

If he drops it yes

If a batter stands close to home plate when batting is he an inside batter or an outside batter?


Who stands behind the batter in rounders?


What does a right fielder do in baseball?

the right fielder stands in right field and field any balls hit his way or backs up the 2nd and third basemen incase a ball gets past them

What are the postions on the baseball field?

Catcher (behind home plate) Pitcher (the guy who throws the baseball to the catcher 1st Base (stands on 1st base) 2nd base (between 2nd & 1st base) Shortstop (between 3rd & 2nd base) 3rd Base (stands on 3rd base) Left fielder (the person who is in the outfield at the left) Center Fielder (the person in the outfield between the Left and the Right fielder) Right Fielder (the person in the outfield at the right)

What does a left fielder do in baseball?

The player that stands in the left portion of the outfield when looking out from home plate. Their position number is 7.

Is a ball caught in the stands an out?

no the batter gets a home run and its not a out

If a ball touches a fielder and goes into the stands is it a groundrule double?

Only if it touches the ground first. It would be a home run on the fly.

What does Cf in Major League Baseball?

Cf stands for center field a position in the out field between the right fielder and the left field

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