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Specially designd suits. The newest ones being Speedos LZR Racers

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Q: What do olympic swimmers wear when thay are in a competition?
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Why do Olympic swimmers wear two caps?

To increase floatation.

What do you need to wear to go Olympic Swimming?

You need to wear your swim suit, swim cap and goggles. There are also some Olympic swimmers that also wear a nose clip.

What do competitive swimmers wear?

Well since I'm a competitive swimmer, this is easy! anyone usually wear anything, but the fastest kids wear what the Olympic swimmers wear so ths question is pretty simple!

What do men swimmers wear in olympic swimming?

Usually all swimmers would wear some form of a body suit. Whether its, Speedo's LZR, the Blueseventy, the Jaked, etc. it all depends on who they are sponsored by. But recently FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) banned the use of body suits and leg suits in competition swimming. Now the most a man can wear is a jammer, and the most a female can wear is a knee suit.

Should you wear your speedo or swim trunks to the beach?

Speedos are worn by swimmers for competition. If you feel comfortable wearing them at the beach, go ahead and wear them.

Why do olympic swimmers wear smooth caps and swimming costumes men and women?

because the water should not open our mouth

What do female swimmers wear?

female swimmers wear swimsuits, and also include googles and head wear...

What are facts about synchronized swimming?

Interesting facts: * swimmers wear noseclips * swimmers cannot touch the pool bottom at all during routines (even when they are throwing girls into the air) * for competition swimmers put knox gelatin in their hair * underwater speakers are used

Why do olympic swimmers wear special suits?

beacuse they are tight and the tightness to their skin doesnt create any drag that would slow them down

Is it compulsary for a swimmer to wear a swim cap in a meet? is not bcuzzzzzzzz it may hurt some people.even sum olympic swimmers dont wear swim capsss. from ,rudolph jang jakarta

What do swimmers wear and why?

swimmers wear bathing suits or speedos because the outfit helps them swim faster. Swimmers wear suits. They wear suits because it reduces drag, compared to clothes. swimmers also wear a type of suit called jons. Thoes go to your knees and they help you drop several seconds. But they only last usually 15 wears.

What do swimmers wear?

men:speedos LZR racer

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