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Many swimmers (in a pool) wear swimming goggles.

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Q: What you wear on eyes when you swim?
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What you wear when you swim and also protects your eyes when working?


swim wear on sale ?

swim wear on sale

Can you wear ballet body suit to swim with?

You can but I wouldn't wear it to ballet class after you swim in it.

How do you Swim naked?

take all off your clothes and swim if you want to wear swimming costume you can wear it otherwise swim naked!

What do professional swimmers wear?

Usually they wear speedos and swim caps for girls they wear a "onesie" and also a swim cap

Why does yours eyes get irritated when you swim?

because you are obviously not wearing any goggles, wear some and you will be fine. It is because of the chlorine inside the water which reacts with your eyes turning them red and watery.

Which is the best swim wear speedo or finis?

speedos are gross wear nothing!........or wear swim strunks wat ever u want

My eyes were dilated can you go swimming?

Can you swim after my eyes were dilated

Should a boy wear girls swimsuit to the beach?

The Answer Is No, Boys Wear Swim Trunks And Girls Wear Full Body Swim Suits And Bikini's

Can you wear a felt hat with your swim suit?

It is very stylish to wear a felt hat with a swim suit. It is a popular trend today to wear it with your swimsuit.

How do you swim at the sparkling ocean in ameba pico?

You have to buy a swim suit. Then wear it. After that you can swim in the ocean!

Why do kids swim in clothes?

People wear swim suits for modesty.

What kind of swim suit do you wear to swimming lessons?

a swim suit

What do you wear to your first swimming lesson?

wear a swim cap[get at any sports store],goggles, and,of course,a swim suit.

Do i wear a bra under your swim suit?

YOU COULD WEAR A BRA UNDER ANYTHING BUT... Some swim suits have bras like in them. And you could wear a bra under your swim suit BUT it would hart a lot. so don't wear one

Do you wear a swim cap when you swim?

I personally do not swim with swimmers cap, but it would be awesome to wear one. It depends on how you feel when swimming with cap. Try t if it suits you then use or lose it.

Can inchworms swim?

they do not realy swim they move there body to get wear they wont in the water

What do you need to wear to go Olympic Swimming?

You need to wear your swim suit, swim cap and goggles. There are also some Olympic swimmers that also wear a nose clip.

How do fish swim with their eyes open?

They have two eye lids. One of them is clear and is closed when they swim.

Can you swim in chlorinated pools while wearing contacts?

You can, but you risk dry eyes and having the contacts go swimming without you. Wear goggles or get some with corrective lenses.

What birds can swim underwater?

swan birds swim with there eyes open or close?swan birds swim with there eyes open or closePenguins can swim on water.Ducks can also swim on water.Swan can swim on water.

Can you swim if you are on your period?

Yes you can swim its just you may want to wear a tampon while you are swimming

Should swimmers wear goggles when learning to swim?

Although wearing goggles is not required, it is highly recommended. Goggles allow one to see underwater without the discomfort of getting water/chlorine in one's eyes, making learning to swim an easier task.

How can you have blue eyes with dark eyes?

wear contacts

Can boys wear a girl swim suit?

They can. It may not be comfortable. It was not designed for guys to wear.