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ulna and radius

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Q: What bones are used in a volleyball forearm pass?
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What is a type of forearm pass in volleyball?


When should a bump be used in volleyball?

A pass (aka bump, forearm pass, underhand move) is used in volleyball on almost every play. When someone serves it and it is about at your stomach, you want to pass, to lift the ball. If a ball is at your face, you can set without a pass. If it's in the middle, step back to make a pass. You pass on a hit, too.

Which bones are used during volleyball?

all bones are used in some way, shape, or form.

Can a foot be used to pass the volleyball?

No, it cannot

Do volleyballs bounce?

That depends upn the playing surface. In beach volleyball, you don't get any bouncing because sand absorbs the energy of the ball's impact. But on a hard surface, yes, volleyballs bounce. Volleyballs have to bounce in order for them to be used in volleyball. What would happen if a volleyball didn't bounce on a forearm pass? Think about it.

The forearm pass should be used when the ball is high or low?


What is a dig pass?

A dig pass is used in volleyball: when you get low for the ball and you try to hit the ball to a setter!

What is used to receive a volleyball serve?

Your arms in a flat position called a bump or a pass.

Why is the set pass used in volleyball?

It's used to center the ball, so that a teammate may easily redirect it.

What muscles are used in bumping a volleyball?

You're not supposed to use your arms. You use your legs to pass a ball.

What three main hits are used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

Pass, set, and spike

What is the bone called that collides with your opponents arm in karate?

The forearm usually used in blocking consists of two bones, the Ulna and the Radius.

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