Why is the set pass used in volleyball?

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It's used to center the ball, so that a teammate may easily redirect it.

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Q: Why is the set pass used in volleyball?
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What three main hits are used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

Pass, set, and spike

Basic strokes of volleyball?

bump pass, set pass, set, serve, hit, backset

What is a set pass?

well in volleyball a set pass is a pass which is flicked out of the hands without actually grabbing the ball Hope that helps

How is a pass used you n volleyball?

The pass is usually used to direct the ball to the setter, so that the setter can set the ball to the hitter, and the hitter can spike it on to the opponent's side.

What type of hits are there and what are their names of volleyball?

Spike set and pass.

Three hit sequence in volleyball is?

pass set hit

What are the moves in volleyball?

Pass (bump), set, hit (spike).

What are the terms used in volleyball?

Kill, Serve, Ace, Set, Pass, Dig, Assist, Up, Serve Recieve

What pass has the most control in volleyball?

A set is the legal pass that gives you the most control.

When should a bump be used in volleyball?

A pass (aka bump, forearm pass, underhand move) is used in volleyball on almost every play. When someone serves it and it is about at your stomach, you want to pass, to lift the ball. If a ball is at your face, you can set without a pass. If it's in the middle, step back to make a pass. You pass on a hit, too.

Why is the overhead pass or set important in volleyball?

The overhead pass is an important skill for passing a ball and making a set to attackers

What are the different kinds of passes in volleyball and their function?

Underhand Pass (or simply pass)- used primarily in the backrow for defensive specialists. The goal is to get up to the setter. Overhand Pass (set)- used primarily by the setter. The goal is to set it up for a hitter to hit it.

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