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They do Weightlifting and push the weights with their arms as if they are going to throw them as shot-put is about the strength in the shoulders and upper arms. But they need to train careful and pick the correct weights for them as you can sprain your shoulders, biceps or triceps. Hope this helped :)

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Often shot put training is centered around plyometrics, strength training, repetitions of throwing drills and endurance training.

Plyometrics allows the thrower to have more explosive movements and it is critical to train doing plyometrics when a thrower has either a slower release or a slower transfer of weight if doing either spin technique or glide.

Some sample plyometric exercises are box jumps, plyo-push ups on boxes, standing long jumps, some kettlebell exercises can be considered plyometrics, and flipping tractor tires.

Strength training gives the thrower a better chance of improving their throwing distance since it not only allows for more control in the circle, but also gives the thrower more mass and strength which can be transferred in the throw. Often when a thrower is undersized or struggles with the drills that only involve the upper body, they should focus on strength training. Every thrower should focus on strength training since conditioning the legs and shoulders can only benefit the thrower.

Some important strength training exercises are bench press, power clean, snatch clean, push press, squats, and deadlifts. It is also important to do balance exercises at the end of the workout since balance is crucial, especially in spin technique. The rep range should be from 3 to 6 reps for muscle hypertrophy that still stimulates the nervous system. Also make one day be circuits and another be sets with long rest in between.

Practice goes without saying. Every athlete should practice their sport in-season and in the offseason. Focus on drills that are essential in throwing, such as flicks, holding power position, standing throws and reverse.

Endurance training is the least obvious of the four essentials, but it is still just as important. Usually in competitions a thrower will get 4-6 throws depending on what competition, and if a thrower gets exhausted after the first throw, then what's the point of the other throws. Endurance training can also allow for more muscle mass which improves throwing tremendously.

Some examples of good use of endurance training is to also incorporate sprinting with short rest. End every day with endurance and switch between incline sprints, standard sprints, and climbing sprints like stadium stairs.

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Q: What are the training methods for shotput?
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