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The most common swimming strokes are the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke and of course the freestyle. There are also the sidestroke and the elementary backstroke as well.

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Q: What are the other swimming strokes besides freestyle?
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What are the other swimming strokes besides breaststroke?

The most common swimming strokes are the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke and of course the freestyle. There are also the sidestroke and the elementary backstroke as well.

What other strokes are there?

in swimming all the strokes in IM order are: * butterfly * backstroke * breaststroke * freestyle

What is the summary of swimming?

swimming is basically moving around in the water to get from one side of the pool to the other. there are 4 strokes: breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and butterfly.

How many styles of swimming are there?

There are four competitive strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and freestyle. There are also many other styles of swimming such as sidestroke that are not competitive.

Will swimming help in lumbar lordosis?

Depend on swimming strokes, with strokes that side or back pointing to bottom should be good exercise for lumbar lordosis. But face pointing to bottom strokes may cause increase the overarching of a lower back, thus for freestyle and breast strokes if pain is noticed then try other strokes.

What strokes in swimming could Jacqueline do?

If Jacqueline is new, or a beginner, to the sport of swimming, the best place to start is freestyle. Other options, if her ability and technique permit, include breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke.

Are there any other strokes apart from the four most common strokes in swimming?

No, The Only Strokes Are The Four Main Strokes (Freestyle,Backstroke,Breastroke,and Butterfly). However There Are Drills That Competitive Swimmers Use, But They Are NotRegular Strokes. [;Yes !Dog Paddle, Old English backstroke, sidestroke.

What are some exercises you can do when swimming?

You can work on any stroke you like to. You can work on drills for each stroke. FREESTYLE: TARZAN which is where you keep your head above the water and your arms are swimming. BUTTERFLY: 3V3 which is you do 3 strokes on 1 arm, 3 strokes on the other arm, and 3 strokes regular butterfly. BREASTSTROKE: 3 KICKS 1 PULL, it names it self. BACKDTROKE: its hard to explain on a computer.

Freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?

Freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise because it works various muscle groups. Other forms of swimming are also good exercise.

What is the other term for freestyle swimming?

Australian crawl.

Strokes in swimming?

There are four official strokes Freestyle (front crawl) Backstroke (back crawl) Breaststroke Butterfly Many variations and other strokes but those are the four strokes in the Olympics there is also a stroke called I.M. (individual Medley) which is Fly, Back, Breast, Free. Also different relays

What are all of the strokes in swimming?

There are four strokes in competitive swimming. The most commonly used is freestyle or "front crawl". You swim it on your stomach with a flutter kick, alternating arms, and breathing to the side. Backstroke is swum on your back with a flutterkick and alternating arms. Breatstroke is swum on you stomach with a "frog kick" and arms pulling together is a circular motion. Butterfly is swum on your stomach with a dolphin kick and arms pulling together. There are other strokes that are not swum competitively such as sidestroke or elementary backstroke.

Is the 500 yard free style a choice stroke?

No, however, if you do any of the other strokes during a freestyle race, you will not get disqualified. Freestyle is a stroke in its own, though. i am a swimmer and the freestyle just means that if your coach says it is Ok then you may swim another stroke.

Because steady resistance is offered by the water freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?

Water freestyle swimming is a good example of isotonic exercise. Other examples of isotonic movements include rock climbing, lifting weights, and cycling.

What do you need for swimming?

To swim is to move through water. People swim using their arms and/or legs. Swimming can be divided into several "strokes:" breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly, and backstroke being among them. The freestyle, in competition, is a swim race where you can swim any of the four strokes. Almost everyone chooses front crawl. Swimmers move through the water using the combination of other body parts. Swimmers need to be able to stay above water and sometimes be able to hold your breath for a long time. A person needs to be healthy if it wants to do it as a sport.

Were did swimming come from?

The doggie paddle was used by cavemen. They copied it from mammals, which is why its called doggie paddle. Other strokes were developed from there.

What is Michael Phelps slowest stroke?

Michael Phelps' slowest stroke is breaststroke, in comparison to the other strokes he swims (butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, and the combination of all strokes-Individual Medley). However, he is not "slow" at breaststroke in comparison to your average competitive male swimmer.

What is the history of the elementary backstroke?

Backstroke or back crawl is one of the four swimming styles used in competitive events regulated by FINA, and the only one of these styles swum on the back. This swimming style has the advantage of easy breathing, but the disadvantage of swimmers not being able to see where they are going. It also has a different start from the other three competition swimming styles. The swimming style is similar to an upside down front crawl or freestyle. Both backstroke and front crawl are long-axis strokes. In individual medley backstroke is the second style swum; in the medley relay it is the first style swum.

What are some examples of freestyle videos?

There are several different options in order to see some example of freestyle videos online. The best choice would be for sure to use the search string "freestyle" on YouTube. Besides that also other video sites like "ClipFish" or "Vimeo" should be checked.

What is the longest olympic swimming race?

In the pool. 1,500 metres for men and 800 metres for women (freestyle) 200 metres in all the other strokes (Back, breast and fly) 400 metres In the IM (Individual medley, 100m each of fly,back,breast and free in that order) Open water 10 kilometres ( the swimming equivalent of running a marathon )

What is swim sprint?

Swimming sprint is basically going as fast as you can. An example of this would be the 50 or 100 yard freestyle because the swimmer only has to swim a short amount so they can go all out. On the other hand, a person swimming the 500 freestyle would not start out going as fast as they can because they would get exhausted before they finished.

What is the technical name for overarm swimming?

It is technically called freestyle. Some people call it the forward crawl. Other people may call it something else.

What starting with f is another word for over arm stroke in swimming?

It is called freestyle. Others call it front crawl. Some people call it other things.

What races besides foot races were held at the Olympics?

There are relay races in swimming, so those are other races.

What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?

Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

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