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they're are lots of diffrent sports played the most popular are Basketball, football, Cheerleading, volleyball, Wrestling, baseball, softball ect.

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Q: What are all sports played in high school?
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Should they cancel high school sports?

There is no necessity at all for canceling high school sports. High school athletes and none sports students all benefit from Varsity sports as well a sports played in gymnasiums. Gymnasium sports help build an athlete's body and also, sports at the high school level develops a camaraderie among the student athletes.

What is the name of all the sports in high school for girls?

The name of the sport in high school for girls is called cheerleader.

Which high schools have won the most state championships in all sports?

canutillo high school

What are the computer games played bythe high school students?

I imagine almost all of them are played by high school students.

What sports does Derek Jeter like to watch?

All baseball including high school and college. Also Fairmont Firebird high school wrestling and the NFL.

What months are American sports played in?

If you account all sports then all year long sports are played.

What sports are played in Greece?

all sports played in the U.S.A

What is ryans real name high school musical?

Lucas Grabiel played Ryan Evans in all High School Musicals

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

High school athletes can go to pros after high school?

not all sports, you can in Hockey, Baseball, Golf, and Tennis at least. The first two are minor leauge, but still professional.

How do you increase participation in sport?

That depends whether you are talking about professional sports, high school sports, college sports, or recreational sports for younger kids. If it is for professional sports, the best way would be to advertise on TV. For high schools, place posters and banners all around the school stating tryout times and other important information. For college sports, do the same as in high school or send messages about the sport to local high schools. For recreational sports for younger kids, post tryouts or how to participate in the sport around the neighborhood like at local parks.

What are all the sports that are been played at wolmers high school for girls?

cheerleading, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, hockey, football, badminton, volleyball, netball, cricket, swimming

What is the last song played in high school musical 2?

Where all in this together!

Who plays Kelcey in high school musical?

Kelsie Neilson is played by Oleysia Rulin in all three of the High School Musical movies.

What sports are played in Minnesota?

all sports are played in minnesota, except surfboarding

What is the prefix for outside?

The usual prefix is inter, as in the difference between intramural sports - those played by teams all of whom are part of the same school - and intermural sports, played by teams from different schools, which is to say, those which are outside of the school where you are.

How much do you have to pay to play high school basketball?

You have to pay your schools athletic fee. All school are different. At my school it costs 25 dollars to play any sports.

What are some sports played in Montenegro Europe?

all sports

What sports are played in the US?

all sports that involve lasagna

How can sports help you to focus in school?

You concentrate a lot in sports. You can use all that concentration and use it for school.

How is sports related to transportation?

Transportation is related to sports because you need transportation to get to all of your sports contests. There are different types of transportation that include bus, train, and airplanes. For the professional teams the most likey means of transportation is airplanes, but for high school most likely a school bus is used to get to the sports contest. Nathan Michael Hasenfratz Coleman High School Graduating Class of 2009

What is most popular sport in minnesota?

For professional sports its the vikings for high school its without a doubt hockey. all the pro teams are popular except the timberwolves. the state high school hockey tournament is one of the biggest high school tournaments in the country.

What sports are played in Netherlands?

all of them

What 2006 movie about Dillon High School Panthers was hailed by Sports Illustrated as one of the greatest sports stories of all time?

Friday Night Lights was the movie. It was original a book about Odessa High in Texas, but changed to Dillon high in the movie.

Aquatic has to do with what?

The word aquatic is always associated with water in some way. Aquatic sports, for example, are any sports that are played in water. Water polo, Marco Polo, water volleyball, and water basketball are all examples. It can be used in a sentence like this: The high school had great aquatic sports teams.