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All Baseball including high school and college. Also Fairmont Firebird high school Wrestling and the NFL.

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Q: What sports does Derek Jeter like to watch?
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How many people like Derek Jeter?

White People like derek jeter

Does derek jeter like baseball?

Yes derek jeter likes baseball

What does Derek Jeter like to do besides baseball?

Derek Jeter is a sports nut. Outside of baseball, his favorite hobby is to play golf. There is even a golf tournament each year that is named for him.

Did Derek Jeter like school?


Why does Derek Jeter like to play baseball?

cause he watch his father play baseball when he was little and he wanted to be like him when he grew up

Where can one purchase a Derek Jeter autograph?

It is rather difficult to get anything autographed by Derek Jeter and not everyone is selling. The best place to watch for autographs from the sport star is on auction houses like eBay. Or one can try SportsBuy.

Why do people like Derek Jeter?

People like Derek Jeter not because of his hitting, but because of fielding and his "ability" to win. And his desire to work hard and be the best.

What does Derek Jeter like to eat?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is Derek Jeter like Babe Ruth?

ya sure if you like Marijuana

What is Derek Jeter like?

Fun, medium speed and good at Baseball.

What is Derek Jeter afraid of?

Nothing. Derek Jeter gets nervous in certain situations like any other human being, but as far as baseball is concerned, he is not afraid of anything.

What is Derek Jeter's personality like?

Fun, medium speed and good at baseball.

Does Derek Jeter like playing baseball?

Yes, he loves playing baseball.

What does Derek Jeter not like?

He doesn't enjoy the media spotlight off the field.

What does Derek Jeter like to do in his free time?

According to his blog he loves to go to the movies

What Derek Jeter doesn't like to do?

He doesn't enjoy the media spotlight off the field.

How do you say like to watch sports in spanish?

Like to watch sports. first, what is the subject. Is it I like to watch sports, or he or she or we.. It makes a difference. I will translate it as "I like to watch sports." Me gusta mirar los deportes.

Does Derek Jeter like ice cream?

Yes he does, he says he likes Gold Medal Ribbon.

Do you have to go to college in order to play for the minor leuage?

no you can be drafted straight from highschool like Derek Jeter

How many girlfriends has Derek Jeter had?

Derek Jeter has had many girlfriends. it is hard to keep with them, but I've heard he's dated women like, Jessica Biel, Grace Park, Alyssa Milano, Mariah Carey and Minka Kelly.

What music does Derek Jeter like?

Jay-z, natorious big, and most other rap. He doesn't like lil Wayne

What does it mean when Derek Jeter points backward when at bat?

It's basically like an unofficial time out call. Jeter is just getting ready for his at bat and it's part of his routine.

What would Derek Jeter look like in a Boston Red Sox jersey?

I think he looks good enough in pinstripes.

Does Derek Jeter ever get nervous?

I believe Derek Jeter, just like any other athlete, does get nervous. Although the big moments don't seem to bother him, the way it might bother others. He has made a career out of being cool under pressure. On and off the field.

Why did Derek Jeter want to play baseball?

Because he watched his dad play baseball growing up and he wanted to be just like his dad.