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all sports played in the U.S.A

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Q: What sports are played in Greece?
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Related questions

Who played sports in ancient Greece?

boys played sports in ancient Greece

What were the main sports played in Greece?

the main sports played in Greece are football and hockey!

What are the main sports played in modern day Greece?

The main sports played in modern day Greece are football (soccer) and basketball.

What sports do they play in Greece?

Some of the sports played in Ancient Greece included discus-throwing, wrestling, and long-jumping.

Where does sport come from?

Sports came from Greece and it is now played by people worldwide everyday.

What is a popular sports in Greece?

Popular sports in Greece are tennis, golf, and soccer.

Who played the sports in ancient Greece?

anyone who felt thay had the strangth to run, fight, or restale

What was the sport they played the most in ancient Greece?

boys. Girls Can't participate in a lot of sports

What sports are played in Greece today?

Olympic games , soccer ,volley balll, and cross country

The sport played in Greece?

The first sport played in Greece was just foot racing. But then after the Olympics were founded, all kind of sports that are played today became a major part of their life.

What are some popular sports played in Greece?

well they play every game bcoz they r intrested in atheletics

What sports is Greece known for?


How is ancient greek culture reflected in today's society?

well, I know that the sports they played in Greece influenced todays Olympics.

What sports did the Greece enjoy?

I definetly know that they liked Track&Field events, i think they played soccer, i don't really know much else. Keep in mind these are modern day sports i don't know what sports they played that aren't around anymore. I hope i helped a little!!!

Who played sports in ancient greece-?

Only free men who spoke Greek could compete, instead of athletes from any country.

When did the Winter Olympics begin?

Greece Greece Greece In 1924 France held an international sports week for winter sports in Chamonix. Later they given the title of the first Winter Olympics.

What were some of the sports that were played in Ancient Greece?

Sports weren't exactly played as they are today, and I am aware of no team sports, but at religious festivals and elite funerals, there were often Games, with competitions in events such as running, wrestling, chariot racing, javelin throwing and discus throwing, as well as less sporty events such as a competition for heralds.

What are the sports for Ancient Greece?


What sports did they play in Greece?

Athletics :)

What are winter sports in Greece?


Which sea in Greece can you do water sports in?

You can do water sports in the Agean. It is deep and warm.

What sports do Greece play?

In the Greece Olympics they do weight lifting, boxing, and discus throwing.

How did Greece influence sports today?

They invented the Olympics which is the biggest sports event in the world!

What sports does Greece often excel in at the Olympics?

From what i can see, Greece excels at athletics and weightlifting. Their downfall is winter sports, and they have not won any gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

What are some sports that people normally play for fun in Greece?

It may not be the funnest thing, but Greece invented the Olympics. They invented many different sports included in the Olympics.