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Q: The forearm pass should be used when the ball is high or low?
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What is a volleyball forearm pass?

In volleyball, the first touch when a ball is sent over a net, is generally a forearm pass. To prepare for a forearm pass, place one hand on top of the other, and straighten your elbows. When you pass, shrug your shoulders to raise your arms, and try to aim at getting the ball to the setter.

What is the most important reason to hit the forearm pass?

to set the ball

The palm does not touch the ball during a?

Forearm pass or bump

Which pass is best if the volley ball is coming toward you at waist level?

A forearm pass is best. (bump)

What is a three letter word for a forearm pass in volley ball?

a guess. Dig.

What is the difference between a forearm and volley pass in volleyball?

a forearm is when u try to get the volley ball up so the other team won't get it back on time to ur team and a volley is when u pass the volley ball law then the other team should do the dig which most of people forget all the time

When making a forearm pass your thumbs should be?

pointing down

What is a the name of a forearm pass in volleyball?

A forearm pass, pass, bump, or dig if the pass was from a hit.

When should a bump be used in volleyball?

A pass (aka bump, forearm pass, underhand move) is used in volleyball on almost every play. When someone serves it and it is about at your stomach, you want to pass, to lift the ball. If a ball is at your face, you can set without a pass. If it's in the middle, step back to make a pass. You pass on a hit, too.

What is forearm pass?

A forearm pass is a pass to the setter that uses the flat inside part of your arm

What is a forearm pass?

A forearm pass is a pass to the setter normally that uses the flat inside part of your arm

What is a forearm pass in volleyball?

When you use one arm with a fist to pass the ball. The ball meets or hits your forearm which is the part of arm between your hand and your elbow.A forearm pass is when a player stretches their arms out in front of them and puts their hands together, one hand on top of the other, and thumbs next to each other. When a volleyball is thrown or hit, you use your forearms, just above your wrist, or your platform, to pass the volleyball up in the air.

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