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no absolutely not it is an automatic strike

If the ball is pitched and hits the ground before it gets to the batter and the batter then hits the ball it is a legal hit.

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Q: Softball rules can batter hit ball after it hits the ground?
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If a pitched ball in fastpitch softball hits the ground and then hits the batter does the batter get awarded a base?


What are the ways a batter can be declared out in softball?

Three strikes, dropped third strike (if the catcher gets them), breaks the rules/ anything illegal or a caught fly ball if the ball doesn't hit the ground.

Is a batter awarded first base if the ball hits the ground first in womens fast pitch softball?

If it hits the ground then hits the batter then yes. If it just hits the ground then no.

Define what is ground ball in softball?

when the ball is hit on the ground and rolls.

If a slowpitched softball hits the ground is it a dead ball?

after the batter hits the ball and it's a fair ball it's not a dead ball. if the ball lands in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

What is a grounder in softball?

a ball that is hit on the ground

What is a batted ball hit on the ground in softball?

It's just called a ground ball.

In kids' pitch is it a dead ball if it hits the ground before it hits the batter?

In regular baseball rules, the ball is still live, even if it hits the ground first, until it hits the batter, then it becomes a "dead ball". If it never hits the batter, its still a live ball.

Is a fly ball used in softball?

Yes. A flyball is a ball hit in the air higher tthn shoulder height. If caught before touching the ground the batter is out

When playing arc ball softball batter fouls ball to catcher must ball go certain height for batter to be out?

It has to go above the batter's head.

What are the rules for girls softball?

Well.. Girls get the same rules as boys.. *The batter gets only 3 tries to bat the ball. *The pitcher can only pitch the ball underhand. *You can not duck down when the pitcher releases the ball. And e.t.c I'm sure there's many more rules.

What is a ground out in softball?

A ground out is when the hitter hits a ground ball to a fielder and they throw her out at first base.

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