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"The Sport of TenPin Bowling" is a sport.

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Q: Should bowling be considered a sport?
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What type of sport is bowling?

It is considered an individual sport and a team sport. One might also classify bowling as an indoor sport.

Is bowling considered a sport in the Olympics?

Not yet, but the USBC is hoping that it will someday.

Is bowling a sport or not?

Yes, bowling is a sport.

Is bowling a contact sport?

No, bowling is not a contact sport.

Is bowling an athletic sport?

Yes bowling is an athletic sport.

When was bowling an Olympic sport?

Unfortunately, bowling is not an Olympic sport

Is bowling the newest sport?

Bowling is a very old sport.

Is Bowling a Dual Sport?

Bowling, like golf, is an OFFENSIVE sport only. There is no DEFENSE in bowling.

What sport uses a ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

Is bowling a real sport or a hobby?

Bowling has long been considered a true sport. There are professionals that earn their living by playing the sport. There are local, regional, national and international competitions. There are naysayers that feel that if a sport is not in the Olympics, then it isn't considered a real sport. However there are sports, such as Squash and Cricket not in the Olympics. And there are sports that deal with placement, such as Curling that are in the Olympics.

Is bowling considered as a sport?

yes. There are pro athletes in bowling just as there is in golf. Pro shops, coaches, tournaments, leagues, etc. For some, it's just entertainment, however a sport can be entertainment too.

Is lawn bowling an olympic sport?

Lawn bowling is not an Olympic sport, but it is recognised by the IOC.

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