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The International Olympic Committee recognizes Bowling as an Olympic sport but has never added it to the Olympics. However, bowling has been an event of the Special Olympics since 1975.

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Q: Was bowling at the Olympics before?
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Is bowling there in the Olympics?


When did bowling become part of the Olympics?

Bowling has never been part of the traditional Summer or Winter Olympics. However bowling has been a Special Olympics sport since 1975.

Is tenpin bowling an Olympics sport?


What kind of argument can you make that bowling should be in the Olympics?

Making of bowling: that's a sterling idea

What time is open bowling?

Open bowling is either before or after league bowling. Call ahead before going to the bowling alley.

Is bowling an Olympic sport?

No, bowling is not an Olympic event and there is no timeline for adding it. However, bowling has been an event in the Special Olympics since 1975.

What groups is responsible for bringing bowling to the US?

The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) is currently part of working towards bringing the sport of bowling to the Olympics.

Is bowling considered a sport in the Olympics?

Not yet, but the USBC is hoping that it will someday.

Will a 8-lb bowling ball dropped from the fifth floor drop before a 10-lb bowling ball?

An 8 pound bowling ball will drop before a 10 pound bowling ball providing that the time that the 8 pound bowling ball is dropped is before the time of the 10 pound bowling ball.

Is bowling the oldest known sports?

no; there was wrestling and other sports in the early olympics..

What is the number two participation sport in the world?

I heard on the Olympics that it is Bowling. JB

Is bowling a paralympic sport?

No. However it is a Special Olympics sport since 1975.

How is special Olympics bowling different from regular bowling?

It is no different, other than there may be special delivery aid equipment used, like ramps.

Is bowling in the the Olympics?

No. It used to be in the Commonwealth Games once upon a time, but is no longer included.

Why isn't bowling an Olympic sport?

Because it is something everyone can do. But I think it should be in the olympics because there are pros. in the world and they would be good to be in the olympics. I think it should be in the olympics and that is my reason.

Do you know any sports that are not in the Olympics?

American football,baseball,softball,golf,bowling,etc

What does the pin-boy do in bowling?

The pin boy in bowling used to reset pins before there were automatic pinsetters.

How do you roll a perfect strike in bowling?

before you play

Is bowling a real sport or a hobby?

Bowling has long been considered a true sport. There are professionals that earn their living by playing the sport. There are local, regional, national and international competitions. There are naysayers that feel that if a sport is not in the Olympics, then it isn't considered a real sport. However there are sports, such as Squash and Cricket not in the Olympics. And there are sports that deal with placement, such as Curling that are in the Olympics.

Why did Michael Moore say that the Columbine perpetrators was bowling before they killed at Columbine in 'Bowling for Columbine' when they didn't?

It's a myth.

What countries will be in 2012 Olympics?

Same as the 2008 Olympics, and the 2004 Olympics, and the Olympics before that. and every other 4 years since the Olympics started.

Was there bowling in the Middle Ages?

Yes, bowling existed in the Middle Ages. It seems, in fact, there are archaeological evidences of bowling before the Middle Ages, in ancient times, in Finland, Germany, and Yemen.

What constitutes a foul in bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

Does the bowling ball have to cross the foulline before it hits the floor to be legal?


What ceremonies are part of the Olympics?

the olyimpic torch because it come before the real olympics