What is the number two participation sport in the world?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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I heard on the Olympics that it is Bowling. JB

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Q: What is the number two participation sport in the world?
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What is the number two sport in the world?

Many sources indicate that table tennis is the #2 sport in the world behind soccer. While not popular in the U.S. it is the national sport of China and other Asian countries. Also, professional leagues are present throughout Europe, in particular, Germany.

Is Fencing the least popular sport?

If you mean whitewashing one like tom sawyer...then yes, if you mean fighting with swords, then no.

What is the second favourite sport in Australia?

It depends upon whether one is referring to participation or spectator sports.According to various surveys done, the two top sports in Australia are cricket and Australian Rules Football, or AFL (which is not soccer).

What is a sport that is played in two different parts of the world?

Many Sports are played in two different parts of the world including Soccer (football), Baseball, Tennis, Lacrosse etc.

How did Georgia's participation in World War 2 help overcome the effects of the Great Depression?

I'm pretty sure that Georgia's participation in world war two helped the great depression by, making people realize that there is still hope in the world, and to not give up life. I mean I know that tons of people died then but hey at least we are still alive

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What sport is Ricky Hatton famous for?

The sport that Ricky Hatton is famous for is Boxing. He is a former two weight, light weight and welterweight world champion. He retired in November 2012.

What two factors are used to classify climate in the K?

Temperatures and participation

What are some main sports in Ecuador?

People in Ecuador probably play two of the most popular sports in the Americas. Soccer and baseball. Even though soccer is not the dominant sport in the USA, it is a world sport; with countries all over the world playing in the FIFA World Cup (including Ecuador).

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What sport did George W. Bush participate in college?

Baseball. He was a first baseman in the first two College World Series.

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