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Q: Once the DH is taken out of the game can he reenter?
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If the DH is moved to the catcher position who replaces the DH?

Once the DH moves to a defensive position the DH is no longer allowed in the lineup. In that case, the pitcher would assume the position in the batting order of the defensive player replaced by the DH.

Can a dh player be added to a baseball game after game starts?

Yes. In MLB, a player who starts the game as the DH may be inserted into the game as a fielder. If this is done, the team loses the ability to use a DH and the pitcher must be inserted into the batting lineup.

Can the DH in HS baseball play a defensive position later in the game?

No. The DH cannot play a defensive position unless he is brought in for the person for whom he is DH-ing. This is a full substitution and negates the DH status. Should the coach re-enter the original player, he must bat in place of the original DH, and the original DH may not re-enter the game.

Can a designated hitter be put into the field and pinch hitter become the new DH?

Once the DH takes a defensive position in the field, his team can no longer use a DH.

When the American league and national league baseball teams play does the DH rule apply?

There is a DH if the game is played in the American League team's ballpark. There is no DH if the game is played in the National League team's ballpark.

Can the player that the dh is batting for later in the game bat for himself?

Yes. The DH hits for the pitcher and if the DH enters the field of play the pitcher then has to hit for himself

When 2 AL teams play in a regular season game can one team decide not to use a DH and let the pitcher hit instead?

Yes. However once that is done the team loses the ability to use the DH and the pitcher must always be in the batting lineup for the rest of the game .

Has ichiro suzuki ever played DH?

Yes.Through the 2009 season, Ichiro has played 25 career games at DH. In the 2009 season, he was DH in 1 game, the July 8 game against the Baltimore Orioles played in Seattle.

If the pitcher switches to ss and back to pitcher after one batter does the team lose the DH permanantly or since the pitcher started and finished the inning at pitcher do they keep the DH?

MLB rule 6.10(b) states, in part: ...Once the game pitcher is switched from the mound to a defensive position this move shall terminate the Designated Hitter role for the remainder of the game... So, in response to the question, the team loses the DH permanently (for the rest of that game).

Can a relief pitcher hit instead of the DH?

Yes. There is no obligation to use the DH in baseball. A somewhat confusing question. A relief pitcher can be used AS the DH. However normal DH rules apply and that player could not pitch in the game. A relief pitcher can pinch hit FOR the DH as well. That pitcher then becomes the DH and normal rules apply. I am pretty sure that a relief pitch that enters the game as a pitcher can not be inserted into the lineup for the DH but I could be wrong. Of course you don't have to use the DH but you can't use a relief pitcher in your lineup unless he's playing a position in the field. Yes. When you bring in the relief pitcher, you can at that time have him hit in place of the DH. You can also have him pinch-hit for the DH at a later point in the game. Note that in both cases, there is no longer a DH and all pitchers must hit. Baseball rule 6.10.

Is a pitcher in the AL ever required to hit in a A.L. game?

yes...if the DH is replaced

Can starting pitcher pitch again in the same game?

Yes, only if he has remained in the game as a position player and or takes over the the DH spot. This is very rare though. Once a pitcher is pulled and not swapped for another roster spot he may not pitch again that game.

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