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Once the DH takes a defensive position in the field, his team can no longer use a DH.

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2009-12-05 21:27:42
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Q: Can a designated hitter be put into the field and pinch hitter become the new DH?
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Has a designated hitter won the World Series MVP award?

Only 1 that played only designated hitter in the AL park and was only a pinch hitter in the NL park ... Hideki Matsui of the 2009 New York Yankees. He went 6 for 10 as a DH and 2 for 3 as a pinch hitter.

Can a pitcher playing pinch hit?

In the National League, the pitcher is already in the batting lineup. He cannot pinch-hit for anybody else, because he would be batting out of order. In the American League, the designated hitter bats for the pitcher. If the pitcher was to bat, he would only be allowed to bat for the designated hitter, and that would remove the Designated Hitter rule for the remainder of the game. The rest of the game would have to be played normally, where the pitcher bats in the designated hitter's spot. This would not be a good idea, since most designated hitters are good hitters.

Is designated hitter eliminated after hitting from hitting again in the same game?

No, the designated hitter hits for the whole game unless he is replaced by another player. You may be getting the rule mixed up with the National League. If a pitcher has completed an inning and the manager feels he has done his duty on the mound, he will call in a pinch-hitter for the pitcher (if he comes to bat before they go back out on the field). That hitter will only hit for that one time, then the next pitcher will take his place in the lineup. If they happen to bat around that inning, the pinch hitter will bat again.

Why is a pinch hitter called a pinch hitter?

"Pinch" was old-timey slang for a tough, high pressure situation. Think "We're in a pinch!"

Why did Trevor Bauer with the Indians bat in the American league game with the Tampa Bay Rays on 4613?

The Cleveland Indians' Trevor Bauer had to bat on April 6, 2013 against the Tampa Bay Rats because their Designated Hitter was Carlos Santana and they had to move him to Catcher because of them needing to remove Lou Marson, their Starting Catcher from the game. Because they had moved their Designated Hitter to a field position, that voids the Designated Hitter option for the rest of the game for the Indians so the Pitcher has to bat unless they use a Pinch Hitter.

If a pinch hitter leads off an inning and the batting order comes around to that spot again can the pinch hitter bat again?

Yes, he's part of the batting order for that inning as designated by his manager. Yes, the "pinch hitter" would be at bat for the second time in the inning but he would no longer be considered a "pinch hitter." My question is: What is he now considered? My guess is that he would be considered as taking the position of whatever player he pinch hit for. If he bats for the shortstop, and then comes around to bat again in the same inning, in his second at bat, he would be officially in the game at shortstop.

If you are pinch hit for are you out of the game?

yes you are the pinch hitter is the replacement

When you want to change the hitter what is the hitter called in baseball?

Pinch Hitter

When was Tom Miller - pinch hitter - born?

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When did Tom Miller - pinch hitter - die?

Tom Miller - pinch hitter - died on 1980-08-13.

When was Charlie Miller - pinch hitter - born?

Charlie Miller - pinch hitter - was born on 1877-12-30.

What are the release dates for The Pinch Hitter - 1917?

The Pinch Hitter - 1917 was released on: USA: 29 April 1917

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