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Yes. The DH hits for the pitcher and if the DH enters the field of play the pitcher then has to hit for himself

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Q: Can the player that the dh is batting for later in the game bat for himself?
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"Starting" player for any game is the player who begins the game playing that position. He may be swapped out later and replaced.

Is a player ejected from the game for throwing his batting helmet?

no. I've seen many people throw their batting helmets and stay in the game. I've had people on my team do that and stay in the game!

How do you re-enter a player who has been substituted?

When a player has been substituted, he cannot be placed back in the game. The only time a player can stay in the game is if he is moved to another fielding position. The moment he is removed from the batting lineup, he is removed from the game. In the American League, the pitcher is not in the batting lineup, but the moment he is substituted on the mound he is out of the game.

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Harry Chiti. In 1962, Harry Chiti was traded from the Cleveland Indians to the New York Mets for the proverbial 'player to be named later'. In 15 games for the Mets, Chiti batted .195. He was sent back to the Indians two months after the trade as the 'player to be named later'. He didn't play another game in the majors after being returned to the Indians.

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Can a dh player be added to a baseball game after game starts?

Yes. In MLB, a player who starts the game as the DH may be inserted into the game as a fielder. If this is done, the team loses the ability to use a DH and the pitcher must be inserted into the batting lineup.

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