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yes...if the DH is replaced

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Q: Is a pitcher in the AL ever required to hit in a A.L. game?
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Has a pitcher ever hit a home run in the MLB All-Star Game?

No. Through the 2010 All Star Game, there have been 175 home runs hit by 133 different players but none by a pitcher.

Who is the best pitcher ever?

Every body knows CY YOUNG was the best pitcher to ever hit the mound!!!

Is there a set number of batters a pitcher can hit?

NO!! As long as the coach wants to leave the pitcher in he can hit everybody.I hit 9 in a game once.

What pitcher hit the most batters in one game?


Can a pitcher be thrown out of the game if he hit the batter in the head with the baseball?


What does the offensive team do in softball game?

They hit the ball from the pitcher on the defensive team

Pitchers that hit two World Series home runs in one game?

No pitcher has ever hit 2 home runs in one World Series game. Bob Gibson and Dave McNally are the only two pitchers to have hit 2 home runs in their World Series careers.

Has a baseball player ever been killed during a game?

During a major league game, only once. Raymond Johnson Chapman, a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians was hit in the head during a game on August 16, 1920 by a pitch thrown by Yankees pitcher Carl Mays. He was not wearing a batting helmet, as they were not required until 30 years later.

Has a Red Sox pitcher ever hit a home run?

babe ruth Josh Beckett

Who was the pitcher when Hank Aaron hit his first major league home run?

Aaron hit the first of his 755 home runs on April 15, 1954, two days after his major-league debut. He hit the homer off St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Vic Raschi, who earlier in the game yielded Aaron's first-ever hit, a single.

Who was the first pitcher to hit a home run in the postseason?

Jim Bagby of the Cleveland Indians hit the first home run by a pitcher in Game 5 of the 1920 World Series.

What is a baseball game called when a pitcher does not allow a single hit?

That would be called a no-hitter.

Was there a Red Sox pitcher who made a hit during a World Series game?

Prior to the 2007 World Series, the last Red Sox pitcher to get a base hit in a World Series game was Bill Lee in Game 7 of the 1975 World Series.

Did any pitcher hit 2 grand slams in the same game?

Only one pitcher has managed to hit two grand slams in one game. Tony Cloninger, then of the Atlanta Braves, managed this feat in a game against San Francisco in 1966.

Who hit the first ever home run in the word seris in 1903?

Pittsburg Pirates Jimmy Sebring hit the first ever World Series home run in 1903. Sebring's home run was hit in the top of the 7th inning in game 1, off Boston Americans pitcher Cy Young.

Who got the first NY Mets hit at the polo grounds?

Sherman Jones, the pitcher, who hit a single in the third inning of the first ever regular season game the Mets played at the Polo Grounds on April 13, 1962.

Has anyone ever hit 5 Homers in a professional baseball game?

Stan Musial hit five homers on a double header, nobody ever hit 5 big flys in one game

Last player to hit for the cycle in a World Series game?

No one has ever hit for the cycle in a World Series game.

What is a no hitter in baseball?

A no hitter is a game where the pitcher of one team throws an entire game without letting up a hit

Has a pitcher ever hit 3 home runs in a game?

Once in MLB ... Jim Tobin of the Boston Braves did it on May 13, 1942 against the Chicago Cubs. He pitched a complete game that day and won 6-5.

Who was the baseball pitcher who hit two home runs in a game five times?

wes ferrell.

What is at bat in baseball?

A bat is a stick required to hit a ball in a baseball game

Has an oriole pitcher ever no hit the yankee's?

Once. On September 20, 1958 Hoyt Wilhelm of the Orioles no hit the Yankees, winning 1-0.

Has a player ever died after a game from a hit he receive from dick butkas during a game?


Which Atlanta Braves pitcher hit two grand slams in 1966?

On July 3, 1966, pitcher Tony Cloninger hit two grand slams in a game against the San Francisco Giants.