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It is called the penalty box and is the biggest of the two boxes and is touching the half circle or penalty arc.

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Q: Name the area of the field whereby the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball?
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How many pepole on a football team?

There are 11 people in a full size football team on the field at any one time. Each team is allowed one goalkeeper and 10 out field players. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands. So the answer is 11.

Can a soccer goalkeeper cross center field?

Yes, they can go anywhere on the pitch. As long as they only handle the ball in their own 18 yard box.

Can you play without a goalkeeper in international field hockey?

Yes. A team can play with a goalkeeper, a field player with goalkeeping privileges, or a field player without any special privileges.

What is the French word for 'goalkeeper'?

The French name for a goalkeeper, such as that on a soccer field, is "gardien de but". The phrase is masculine.

If a main goalkeeper gets red carded who will replace him?

The team's substitute goalkeeper comes in from the siellines, but one of the team's "field" players must come off the field.

Players who are trying to score on a field hockey team are called?

Strikers, forwards or attackers. However, anyone on the team can score (the goalkeeper is allowed to take penalty strokes).

In Friends what was Monica's nickname when she was a field hockey goalkeeper?

Big fat goalie

What in soccer does a goalie do?

a goalie or 'goalkeeper' stops the ball from going into the net to prevent the opposition from going 1-0 up. He is the only person on the field allowed to use his hands in open play..

Why do goalkeeper bring towls with them to matches?

Because they get all sweaty, like the men on the field do. ;)

How many players are on the field for professional soccer?

22 11 on each team counting the goalkeeper

Where do defenders start on the field?

The four defenders start at the back, the first row in front of the goalkeeper.

When a goalkeeper is red carded do you have to play without that player for the remainer of the game?

That player must go off, however, you can substitute for a new goalkeeper and play a man down on the field. If no substitutions are remaining, then a field player must replace the goal keeper.

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