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A goal keeper may not handle the ball if it is passed to them from the feet of a team-mate. If they do, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opponents at the location of the handling.

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2010-04-27 13:49:03
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Q: Can a soccer keeper pick ball up if defender passes within box?
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Can the goalie use there hands in soccer?

A goal keeper may use their hands only when the ball is within their own penalty area. There a few exceptional cases when they may not. For example, if their own teammate passes the ball to them with their foot.

Are there penalties in soccer?

There are penalty kicks in soccer. A penalty kick is awarded when a defender commits a direct free kick offense while within his own penalty area.

When to call a penalty shot in soccer?

When a defender commits a direct free kick offense within their own penalty area.

What part of the body is the soccer ball not allowed to touch?

The hands and arms, unless it's the goal keeper within their own penalty area.

What are all the penalties of soccer?

A penalty is a specific type of free kick given when a defender commits a direct free kick offense within their own penalty area.

What to do if you got ball possession as a defender and who should i pass it to football soccer?

You should pass it to a player who is within reach and has the best chance to freely move forward with the ball.

What is a hand ball in soccer?

There is no such thing as a handball in soccer. The offence you refer to is "deliberate handling." It is when the ball is deliberately touched by a player with any part of the arm or hand. The goal keeper is exempt from this call when the ball is within his penalty area.

What is the difference between a penalty kick and a direct kick in soccer?

A direct free kick is given for one of 10, specific, offenses. A penalty kick is given when a direct free kick offense is committed by a defender, against an attacker, within the defender's penalty area.

What happends if you use your hands in soccer?

If you are the identified goal keeper, and the ball is within your penalty area, then nothing. Otherwise it is a direct free kick or penalty kick for the opposing team.

What is the keeper's area in hockey called?

The keeper is only permitted within the 23 metres area, and only have their goalkeeping priveleges when within their defending circle.

What are a public defender's responsibilities within the courtroom?

The responibilities of a public defender in a courtroom is that they love to drink coffee.♥

How many steps can a goal keeper take before releasing the soccer ball?

Any number, as long as they release the ball within 6 seconds and do so before the ball leaves the penalty area.

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