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It depends on if the kicking team player was 10 yards past the line of scrimmage and also on whether it was a punt or kick off. If it was a kick off and the player was 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, then it would be a touchdown. If the player was not 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, then it is a penalty. If it is a punt the ball is placed where the player hit the ball.

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Q: Kicking team has their player get hit with ball on shoulder. receiving team gets ball runs down field and fumbles. Kicking team gets ball and runs for a touchdown. Is it a touchdown?
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In Canadian Football when a offensive player fumbles into the endzone who can recover it for a touchdown?

any player on the offensive team

What happens if a team fumbles the ball into the opposing team's endzone?

As unfair as this may seem, if it fumbles into the endzone then out of bounds, the other team gets the ball as a touchback. if it's recovered by the offense then it's a touchdown

If a ball on a punt is first touched by the kicking team and then touched by the receiving team but then recovered by the kicking team. Does the kicking team get the ball?

If the kicking team touches the ball first, they cannot gain possession. Even if the receiving team picks up the ball and fumbles it, the kicking team cannot legally recover it. The ball is dead and possessed by the receivers at the recovery point. That's right, because a punt first touched by the kicking team is always considered an illegal touch. When a kicking team downs the ball on an ordinary punt play, that's technically an illegal touch, but no penalty is assessed -- the ball simply goes over to the receiving team at that point. In the scenario presented in the question, the only difference is that the kicking team failed to down the ball on their first touch. No matter what happens after that point, they are ineligible to recover the ball.

Can the team kicking a field goal get possession of the ball if the opposing team fumbles the ball upon returning it?

Yes of course

How many career fumbles did Walter Payton have?

Walter Payton had 86 career fumbles, 21 recovered by him or his team, 65 lost. The 86 fumbles was still the Chicago Bears individual career record 30 years after his retirement and 18 years after his death in 1999. He also holds the Bears career rushing and career touchdown records.

How do you take stats at a football game?

To keep stats for a football game you first need the roster of the team. It is best to keep the offensive and defensive teams separated on your stat sheet. For the offensive side you will need to keep track of all pass attempts, completions, completion percentage, passes deflected, interceptions, touchdown passes, passing yards, quarterback rating, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, fumbles, receptions, receiving yards, return yards, receiving touchdowns, field goals and extra points. For the defensive side you keep track of both solo and team tackles and sacks, interceptions, fumbles, recoveries, touchdown, deflected passes and punted yards.

When you are receiving a kickoff do you have to touch the ball in order for it to be a live ball?

Once the ball has gone 10 yards after being kicked during a kickoff, the ball is indeed live! During a punt, however, someone on the receiving team must touch the football for it to be live. The ball is always live during a kick. The only thing in question is who can recover, and when. On free kicks (including kickoffs and free kicks following a safety), the receiving team can recover the ball at any time, and the kicking team can recover either after it has traveled 10 yards or after the receiving team touches it after any distance. On scrimmage kicks (field goals and punts), the kicking team gives up possession of the ball unless (1) the ball fails to cross the line of scrimmage, (2) the kicking team then recovers the ball, and (3) the down played was not 4th down. In any other situation, the receiving team takes the ball. Once the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, the only way the kicking team can retake possession is if the receiving team fumbles, muffs, or touches the ball and the kicking team recovers.

How many fumbles were there in Super Bowl XLIV?

2 fumbles

How many fumbles did Joe Montana have?

Joe montanna had 53 career fumbles

Which QB had the most fumbles in 2007?

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys had the most quarterback fumbles in the 2007 season. He ended the year with a total of 10 fumbles.

If a pass is intercepted by defense he fumbles it and a player that was on offense recovers and runs in for a touchdown is it an offensive or defensive touchdown?

Yes. You can watch a video of Robert Meachem from the New Orleans Saints doing just this at this link.

Who has had the most fumbles in the NFL 2008?

For the 2007 Season, the Washington Redskins had the most fumbles with 25.

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