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Yes of course

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Q: Can the team kicking a field goal get possession of the ball if the opposing team fumbles the ball upon returning it?
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What is the idea of rugby?

gain possession of the ball and place it down in the opposing teams in goals area to score a try . A try can then have a further scoring chance by kicking the ball over the goal cross ball of the opposing team

What is the proper etiquette to follow when an opposing player gets injured?

There are no requirements under the Laws of the Game. Historical sportsmanship calls for the team in possession to put the ball out of play. The non-possession team then returns the ball to the team that had possession after play has restarted, often by kicking the ball unopposed to the goal keeper.

If the ball is punted straight up only going 5 yards downfield and is touched by the receiving team and recovered by the kicking team is it a first down even if it didn't pass the first down maker?

no, you still have to gain the required yardage for the first down since there is technically no change of possession. However, if the return team catches the ball, runs and fumbles, then its a change of possession and an automatic 1st down.

If a ball on a punt is first touched by the kicking team and then touched by the receiving team but then recovered by the kicking team. Does the kicking team get the ball?

If the kicking team touches the ball first, they cannot gain possession. Even if the receiving team picks up the ball and fumbles it, the kicking team cannot legally recover it. The ball is dead and possessed by the receivers at the recovery point. That's right, because a punt first touched by the kicking team is always considered an illegal touch. When a kicking team downs the ball on an ordinary punt play, that's technically an illegal touch, but no penalty is assessed -- the ball simply goes over to the receiving team at that point. In the scenario presented in the question, the only difference is that the kicking team failed to down the ball on their first touch. No matter what happens after that point, they are ineligible to recover the ball.

In football if the kicking team is kicking off in a normal formation and the receiving team does not touch it and the kicking team does touch it is it their ball?

No, the kicking team would need to gain possession of the ball. For kickoffs, the ball is considered a 'free ball' once it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The ball is also considered 'free' if a member of the receiving team touches it, but does not gain full possession, before it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The first team whose player gains possession of the ball is awarded the ball. Touching the ball does not signify possession ... a player must have full possession of the ball for his team to be awarded possession. A lot of 'possessions' in that last statement but that is the qualifier as to which team is awarded the ball. Touching the ball means nothing, possessing the ball means everything.

Can the kicking team regain possession after a blocked punt?

If they retain the ball and advance it past the first down marker

What is a Forced Touch in college football?

You have 'illegal touching' on a player when a kick is touched by the kicking team. The receiving team, regardless of the outcome of the play, can choose to take the play at that spot. There is also the concept of 'touching' when a receiving player touches the ball on a kick. At that point, the kicking team can recover the kick and maintain possession. A "forced touch" is when that touch occurs because the opposing player 'forces' an opponent to touch the ball. For example, if a receiving player is being blocked by a kicking team player and the kicking team player blocks the receiving team player into the ball, the receiving team player is 'being forced to touch the ball by the block.' In this instance, the kicking team cannot recover the ball and maintain possession, because the touching of the ball by the receiving team was a 'force touch.'

If receiving team touches ball on punt and does not have possession then kicking team touches ball before going out of bounds but does not gain possession which team gets the ball?

Receiving team. Same as a catch. You must have possession before its your ball.

Have you ever been able to keep possession of the ball after a 3rd down field goal attempt for another try?

Yes. In both college and the NFL, if a field goal attempt does not cross the line of scrimmage and is recovered by the kicking team, they will continue with possession of the ball. This ruling doesn't really come into play on 4th down kicks because the kicking team will lose possession of the ball on downs. But on third down, if a field goal attempt is blocked and the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage, should the kicking team recover the ball they keep possession and it will be fourth down. If the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, possession goes to the defense.

When is a blocked field goal a live ball for the team kicking the field goal?

The ball is always live. The kicking team, however, can only recover it after the opposing team touches it. If the Field Goal is blocked it can be recovered by the kicking team if the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage.

What results from a team kicking the ball over their own defensive end line?

In this situation, a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team.

If an onside kick goes ten yards can the kicking team gain possession without it touching the receiving team?


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