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any player on the offensive team

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Q: In Canadian Football when a offensive player fumbles into the endzone who can recover it for a touchdown?
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In Canadian Football If the ball is fumbled by the offense into the endzone who can recover it for a touchdown?

It depends which endzone. If it's their own endzone, the defense can recover it for a touchdown. If it's the defense's endzone, the offense can recover it for a touchdown.

What is the touchdown area called?

The area in football that you score a touchdown is called the endzone.

A football joke?

Q:How do the Philadelphia Eagles score a touchdown? A:They fly to the endzone. Q:How do the Atlanta Falcons score a touchdown? A:They fly to the endzone too! Q:How do the Arizona Cardinals score a touchdown? A:They also fly to the endzone!

What is a rushing touchdown?

A rushing touchdown is when the ball is carried into the endzone as opposed to being passed into the endzone.

What is the definition in football of breaking the plane?

When commentators and football fans say "breaking the plane" they're talking about the endzone. The first and foremost rule in scoring a touchdown is that the football must break the plane or cross into the endzone some kind of way for anyone to even think about it being a touchdown. If a team runs the ball, it wouldn't matter if the player got his whole body into the endzone. If the ball didn't break the plane as he went in it is not a touchdown. If the ball is passed and is caught by a player who is falling forward out of the endzone and he doesn't allow the ball to break the plane it is not a touchdown.

What is the area you get a touchdown in called?

the endzone

What is a two point conversion in football?

It is a scoring play used as a substitute for a point-after kick - the ball is advanced into the endzone like a touchdown play but it comes after the touchdown.

If a punt is fumbled by the punt receiver and goes into the endzone but not out of the endzone and recovered by the kicking team is it a touchdown for the kicking team or a touchback?

It's a touchdown.

How many yards deep is each endzone?

10 yards in American football; 20 yards in Canadian football.

Is it a touchdown if a player thouchs the out of bounds side of the pylon?

No a touchdown is when a player has complete control of football and they succeed to get the football into the endzone, which is on each side on each side of the field (But you have to run the football into the endzone opposite to you) and then you are awarded 7 points, plus the option of a 2 point field goal kick or 1 point run in. Hope this helps!

What are two ways besides a touchdown and a feildgoal to score points ina football game?

Safety (tackling the ball carrier while being in his own endzone) and PAT (Point After Touchdown), I think.

Is it a touchdown if the defensive team blocks a punt and recovers it in the endzone?

Yes it would be a touchdown. If the kicking team recovers it and is downed in the endzone or the ball goes out of bounds in the endzone the defensive team will get a safety and receive the ball via free kick.

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