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No, It is Semi automatic mechanical. You can buy and electric trigger that allows for full auto.

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Q: Is project salvo a electronic paintball gun?
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Which paintball gun is better the spyder mr1 or the project salvo?

The salvo has more accessories and has a better feed neck and stock then the Mr1.

What was the paintball gun on this means war?


Which paintball gun is better alpha black or project salvo?

They are the same thing with a different outer shell. Get whichever one is cheaper or feels best.

What is better project salvo or smart parts ion xe?

The ion is in a different price and play range than the salvo. If you have the money for a electronic, higher tech, speed ball gun get the ion. If you are just starting out and need a durable, low maintenance gun, go with the salvo.

Does the alpha black paintball gun have the same thread as the 98 custom?

Yes, the 98, 98c, carver one, alpha black, project salvo all use 98 threaded barrels.

Why does your tippman project salvo paintball gun rapid fire with low co2 and you dont have an E trigger does this happen with every paintball gun?

When a gun starts to run low on Co2, it will nor be able to re-cock properly, sending the bolt out , but not far enough to catch, and will repeat until there is no gas. This happens to every gun e trigger or not.

What is a good paintball gun around 200?

tippmann army projet salvo is a very nice marker and it is 150

Can you put a cyclone feeder on a project salvo paintball gun?

I believe you can but you don't want to. For the same money you can get a great e-hopper that wont turn into a blender when you try to use good paint with a brittle shell

What is an electronic trigger aka E trigger on a paintball gun?

It can make the paintball gun semi-auto, 3 round burst, or fully automatic!

Is the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun by tippmann any good?

Its simply the 98 with a shroud and stock. For a beginner marker it is very durable marker. but compared to most $200 and $300 dollar guns it is not "good"

Is the Sierra one better than the Alpha Black Army paintball gun?

The sierra one is the Canadian version of the Project salvo, which is the higher end version of the alpha black. If you want to save money for slightly better looks, get the alpha black.

When was the first electric paintball gun used?

The first electronic paintball gun was made in 1996. There were over thousands made and bought so it's probable to assume that they were used in 1996.

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