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Its simply the 98 with a shroud and stock. For a beginner marker it is very durable marker. but compared to most $200 and $300 dollar guns it is not "good"

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โˆ™ 2010-04-21 20:58:21
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Q: Is the US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun by tippmann any good?
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What barrels are compatible with the US Army project salvo paintball marker?

On the ends of every barrel there are "threads" These are different for every series of guns. The Salvo marker has Tippmann threads therefore any Tippmann barrels can be use. Smart Parts also makes barrels for Tippmann markers. Actually the Project Salvo is a Tippmann 98 with a different body. It uses Tippmann 98 threads and any barrels that fits the 98 will fit the Salvo. The Salvo can use a A5 barrel if you add a 'A5 to 98′ adapter to convert the threads to the 98 style for your Salvo.

What is a good paintball gun around 200?

tippmann army projet salvo is a very nice marker and it is 150

Does a us army paintball project salvo come with a hopper?

unfortunately no it does not come with a hopper

Who knows what type of mods will fit the treads on the end of the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo barrel?

The Project Salvo has Tippman 98 Custom barrel Threads.. Same with the Alpha black

What was the paintball gun on this means war?


Why is your tippmann a5 not firing?

You need to be way more specific. Go to an Army Navy or a paintball shop.

Is there a double trigger available for the Tippmann US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun?

No, you can not fit a double trigger in any of the US Army tippmanns.

Is us army a good paintball brand?

US Army is a partnership with Tippmann to make cheap, reliable and militairy resembing, entry-level markers.

Is the Sierra one better than the Alpha Black Army paintball gun?

The sierra one is the Canadian version of the Project salvo, which is the higher end version of the alpha black. If you want to save money for slightly better looks, get the alpha black.

What paintball guns do delta force use?

Generally most armed forces and police units do not use paintball gear for training (as they use Simunition, a type of frangible projectile similar in concept to paintballs but are designed to be used in real-world firearms). However in some cases there are instances the US Army is shown in some documentaries to have been using Tippmann's "US Army" branded paintball markers.

Is the magazine in a Tippmann us army paintball alpha black real?

Real, as in holds paintballs, no. The magazine is a cleaning kit, you can store Allen Keys and O Rings inside of the Magazine, and when needed, the magazine can be removed.

What e-grip do you buy for a US Army Carver One?

The tippmann 98 egrip

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