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Yes, the 98, 98c, carver one, alpha black, project salvo all use 98 threaded barrels.

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Q: Does the alpha black paintball gun have the same thread as the 98 custom?
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What caliber is the us army alpha black paintball gun?


What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

Is the alpha black tactical edition or the 98 custom a better paintball gun?

well it actually me id go with the 98 custom because you can not imagine how many different upgrades you can get for the 98 custom..i hav a 98 custom myself and it now is lookin like a ak-47

What stock does the alpha black paintball marker use?

The tippmann 98 stock.

Do tippmann 98 custom and alpha black have the same thread?

Yes, along with the project salvo, and carver one, and their Canadian versions the Bravo one, and Tango one.

How much is a US Army Alpha Black paintball gun used?

Price or usage?

What can the alpha black paintball gun do?

It shoots semi automatic and has a removable feedneck and barrel.

If a alpha black shoots three paintball what do you do?

Make sure your handle is screwed on correctly and tightly.

Is the alpha black paintball gun recommended for beginers?

Yes. It is cheap, reliable, and is low maintenance.

How do you change the firing rate on a alpha black paintball gun?

The fire rate on the alpha black is constant. The only thing would be to buy an e grip or response trigger.

How much fps is US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun - Black?

All paintball guns are regulated at around 290 fps, the model is irrelevant.

Is the Sierra one better than the Alpha Black Army paintball gun?

The sierra one is the Canadian version of the Project salvo, which is the higher end version of the alpha black. If you want to save money for slightly better looks, get the alpha black.

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