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No. This would be a fielders choice and would not count as a hit for the batter.

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2010-04-30 13:28:15
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Q: Is it a hit if the runner running to 3rd base gets tagged out but there is no force?
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Does the runner have to be tagged when attempting to steal?

Yes, if nobody is running behind them. But if it is a force, you can just touch the base.

Does the runner have to be tagged out?

Not always. They can be forced out if there is a runner behind them and the fielder tags the base they were running to.

If a runner commits to second base and then returns to first does he need to be tagged out.?

This is not a force play, so the runner would have to be tagged to be Out.

If there is a runner on first base and the batter is put out at first is the force removed for the runner?

The force is off so the runner can only be tagged out.

Can a runner from third base score if the batter is tagged out for the third out?

If the batter is tagged out before he reaches first base it is still considered a force out and the runner cannot score, however if the batter crosses first base safely and then is tagged out, the run counts if the third base runner crosses home plate before the batter is tagged out.

Does the runner have to be tagged out in softball?

No, unless there's is no force play involved. Meaning, you only tag if the runner is not forced to run to next base. But a runner is automatically out once tagged

When must a base runner be tagged in softball?

When there isn't a runner behind them forcing them to run. For example, if a runner is on 2nd base but there is no one on 1st base, the runner must be tagged on their way to 3rd in order to get them out. However, if there IS a runner on 1st, the 3rd baseman can simply touch the base because it is a force out.

What happens if no runner is tagged while they are on the same base?

Play continues until either one runner proceeds to another base or an out is made. Conversely if both runners are tagged the runner who occupied the base first is safe, unless there was a force on the play.

Who is out if 2 players occupy the same base and no one is tagged?

Actually they are both safe... for now, but play is still live. The lead runner is safe. The trailing runner has to go back to his previous base before being tagged out or running out of the baseline. Or, the lead runner has to advance to the next base before being tagged out, leaving the trailing runner safe at the double-occupied base.

When is a force play in effect?

A force play is in effect when a runner or runners are on base so that a fielder has to step on a base in order to record an out of the runner in question. Here's an example with the Cleveland Indians. Say Grady Sizemonre is on 1st base and Hafner is batting. If Hafner hits a ground ball to an infielder then they can force Sizemore out at 2nd base. A runner is forced to advance because the batter becomes a batter-runner. The runner may be tagged or the next base can be tagged by a fielder.

If a runner steps on thirdbaseman's foot touching and obstructing third base does the foot become a part of third base or is the runner out once they tag him?

The runner is out once he is tagged, assuming no force out.

If on a fielders choice the 2nd baseman doesn't touch the base can the runner be out?

If the runner gets tagged, then he is out. If the base doesn't get stepped on or the runner gets tagged, then he is safe.

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