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nothing, on a base on balls the runner is awarded 1st base so he will not get out unless he goes to 2nd or makes an attempt to 2nd and is tagged out.

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Q: Batter awarded first base on balls is running outside the running lane catcher throws to first and hits the runner is the runner out on interference?
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What if catcher throws and hits base runner?

The runner is safe, in order for the runner to be considered out the fielder would have to have the ball in his glove or hand and tag the runner. *edit: It depends on where the runner is when he is hit. If the runner is running a direct path to first and is within the 3ft baseline, the runner is safe. If however the runner takes a lane outside the 3ft path, in a deliberate attempt to block the catcher's throwing lane, the runner is out for Interference.

When is it considered runner interference or running out of the base-path by a runner on third base?

The "Running Lane" Rule applies ONLY to runners going to first base, and the lane is only a guide. If a player intentionally interferes with a fielder while running to first, he is out no matter WHERE he may be. If he is hit by the thrown ball, he is out if he is outside the lane, but safe unless the ump rules INTENTIONAL interference. There is no comparable running lane violation for third base. HOWEVER, any player (or coach or manager) who, at any point of running the bases, INTENTIONALLY interferes with a fielder making a play, is out for interference. This can include deliberately running in such a way as to obstruct a throw to home.

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If a base runner is hit with the ball thrown by the catcher is the runner out?

The act of hitting a runner with the ball does not generally qualify in and of itself as an out. If the base runner is running legally (e.g. does not interfere), then there is no out, and the ball is live. However, if the batter/runner is running illegally, such as running outside of the 3 foot runner's lane between home and first base, the batter/runner will be out if hit by the catcher's throw. If he is going straight to the base, the runner is not out.

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